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Little Lulu

Little Lulu is the title character of the comic strip Little Lulu and is often the ringleader of the girls.  Her true name is Lulu Moppet, based off how she is a kid.  (Moppet comes from "Muppet", which means "kid".)

Personality and Bio

Lulu is the leader of the girls's less formal club. Her best friend is Annie Inch. She is a kind and sincere little girl who, though prone to mischief, usually ends up saving the day.



Names in Other Languages

Lulu earned her English surname from Moppet, which means "kid."

Language Name Etymology and Meaning
Latin Lucilla Filja, Lucillae Filjae "Lucille Kid"
Spanish Lucita Fija Given name means "Lucy." Surname means "Daughter."
Portuguese Lúcia Filha Given name means "Lucy." Surname means "Daughter."


  • Lulu and Monica Sousa from Monica's Gang have a similar design.
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