Chan Kang

Liu Chan, also known as Chan Kang, is the supporting character of the first Mortal Kombat film. He is depicted as a late younger brother of Liu Kang.


In the film, after Chan's older brother moved to the United States of America from the Shaolin Monks, he took his role and started an actual training as a preparation for the tenth tournament. Shang Tsung visited the temple and confronted him at one night. The duo fought, but Chan was defeated by Shang Tsung, who killed him and took his soul in order to give Liu Kang a cryptic message since his meeting. At the next morning, his grandfather and the rest of the Shaolin Monks has found his dead body.

In response to that, Liu Kang attends the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament to avenge Chan. He harbors the guilty feelings, being unable to defend his own brother. During the final battle, Shang Tsung transforms into Chan and tries to lure him to death. While Liu Kang is getting shocked by Chan's image, he does not fall for the trick, and defeats Shang Tsung to let the souls he just collected, including Chan's, go away from his body as a result.

Chan whole-heartedly told Liu Kang that his spirit would always be with him. Then he ascends to the afterlife until they were reunited to each other.



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  • Liu Kang does have a younger brother, but he is originally named Chow in Liu Kang's original Mortal Kombat biography because of his unknown status.


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