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Liv Flaherty is a fictional character and one of the major protagonists of the British soap opera Emmerdale. She first debuted in February 2016 and has since then become one of the show's central protagonists from 2016-onwards.

She is portrayed by Isobel Steele.


Liv Flaherty is a young schoolgirl and the daughter of both Gordon Livesy and Sandra Flaherty. She is also the half-sister of Gordon's son Aaron Dingle and the two had developed a close relationship ever since Liv found out that Aaron that their father was a paedophile who sexually molested and abused Aaron throughout his childhood.

Since then, Liv's storylines have included a friendship with Gabby Thomas; a close interaction with Aaron's lover Robert Sugden; feuding with Lachlan White and his family; going to prison after she and Gabby pulled a prank that hospitalized Lisa Dingle; comforted Aaron over Robert's imprisonment for manslaughter; being diagnosed with epilepsy; having a relationship with Vinny Dingle; leaving Vinny's abusive father, Paul Ashdale, to die in an explosion ever since she found out that he abused his son; and struggling to cope with her role in Paul's death that results in her developing a drinking problem.


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  • Isobel Steele has been nominated for and won several awards for her character's performance and contributing storylines.