Living Bullet is a character from the TV show, Dexter's Labortory, as well as the Justice Friends segment. He is a parody of Iron Man with The Flash and Quicksilver's superpowers. He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Living Bullet is a yellow, golden bullet with eyes and a mouth.


True to his name, Living Bullet is as fast, if not faster, than a speeding bullet, moving and appearing from place to place in the blink of an eye. His movements are so fast that his scenes can barely contain a single frame of his movement. With such amazingly sonic speeds, he is likely the fastest member of the Justice Friends, if not the fastest being in the world. Like a bullet, he is also tough as metal and can push foes with great force and survive crashing into concrete buildings and pavement. Despite his blinding speed, he was not fast enough to avoid defeat at the hands of the invincible Rasslor or avoid being crushed by Badaxtra. His bullet body was also incapable of piercing Badaxtra's thick hide. However, the fact that he was one of the few heroes summoned by Rasslor to represent his planet shows that he is one of the most powerful heroes on Earth.

  • Super Speed - Living Bullet can fly really fast and sonic so that nobody can see him move.
  • Shooting - Living Bullet can fly fast and smash into enemies to shoot them.
  • Super Endurance - Thanks to his metallic frame, he has more endurance than ordinary beings, able to resist blows from mighty beings like Krunk and She-Thing, however his body can only take so much damage before it starts getting full of dents.

Episode Appearances

  • Rasslor
  • Barbequor
  • The Justice Friends: Krunk's Date
  • The Justice Friends: Pain in the Mouth (Cameo)
  • Last But Not Beast
  • Comic Relief (Pictured)
  • Would You Like That in the Can (Pictured)



  • Living Bullet is a parody of Marvel's Iron Man and DC's The Flash. Having Iron Man's armor but the Flash's super speed.
  • He has children which he calls his "little leadheads".
  • His appearance bears some resemblance to the Marvel villain Juggernaut.
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