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I feel like a man in a dress.
~ Liz regrets her decision to wear the dress that had the built-in T-shirt after she is teased for her look.

Liz Prince is the tomboyish central protagonist of Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir, earning her name from her creator, Liz Prince, who wrote the book.


Liz Prince is extremely tomboyish and tries to prove her point all the time. She hates doing girly activities but sometimes imagines herself doing them. Instead, she plays with sports and video games.

Her constant companion is a stuffed doll named Popple.


Liz Prince often wears a grey blazer that comes from her friend Andy as well as trousers. She also has a trusty red baseball cap, and cool sneakers which have been the staple part of her wardrobe for 30 years.

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