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The Lizard Monks are a group of Wise monks in the series, Samurai Jack, Who live in a rocky temple and it is full of pink water. There is a Lizard Monk Master Ning that is old and wise.


The Lizard Monks first appeared in Episode XLIII: The Aku Infection. They guarded the Pool of Convergence which they felt could bring Samurai Jack home. Jack wanted to tell Master Ning that he wanted to return home but he turned into Jack-Aku. They tried to stop Jack-Aku from destroying the Pool of Convergence and helped Jack to free himself of Aku's infection and become the same warrior he once was.


They are nice and kind to Samurai Jack, but they don't like Jack-Aku, who is a body fusion of Jack and Aku. However, they help Jack get the good back in him, with their wise words.

Skills and Abilities

They can jump high, they can put hot rocks in their moths and then shoot fire, they are also good fighters.