Early life

Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon and Misako, as well as the nephew of Wu. The soon-to-be dark lord was filled with pride for his newborn son, and wanted Lloyd to follow a different path from his own. The family was happy for a time, but one day Garmadon finally lost control over the evil within him, and was banished to the Underworld after a battle with his brother. Lloyd was too young to remember Garmadon, but he had heard of him, and was fond of his evil father, wanting to follow in his footsteps, unaware that Garmadon did not want this for him. Once he was old enough, Misako sent him to the Darkley's School for Bad Boys. On his first day at Darkley's School, everyone made fun of Lloyd, and Brad put fire ants in his bed. After everyone left, Brad took him under his wing and taught him the art of revenge.

One day, he had received a package from his "grandmummy" when another student named Finn took it from him and turned it into worms. Lloyd was expelled from school that same day because he didn't have the "amoral ambition to become one of tomorrow's masterminds." Before he left, he stole a cape and hood from a closet, planning to become an evil overlord by himself.

Unleashing the Serpentine

Lloyd arrived in Jamanakai Village where he attempted to steal all of the candy, but was stopped and humiliated by the Ninja in front of the villagers. Later when he was walking in the Glacier Barrens, he stumbled upon the Hypnobrai Tomb. After gaining command of the Hypnobrai, he led them on an attack of Jamanakai Village, only to be stopped by the Ninja once more. Lloyd then turned his army's attention to constructing a fortress in the heart of Wildwood Forest, though it was quickly discovered and destroyed by the Ninja. During the Ninjas' attack, Skales took command of the Hypnobrai and after defeating Slithraa in a Slither Pit fight, the new General banished Lloyd.

Using a map he had stolen from the Hypnobrai Tomb, Lloyd set out to find the Fangpyre Tomb which he planned to unleash to get revenge on the Hypnobrai for betraying him. Though the Fangpyre was eager to help him, they insisted on first rebuilding their army. Traveling to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, Lloyd witnessed the Fangpyre use their venom to turn old vehicles into attack machines, though they were forced to flee when the Ninja arrived.

With their army ready, Lloyd accompanied the Fangpyre into battle against the Hypnobrai. Unfortunately for Lloyd, Fangtom and Skales were old friends and a truce was called, forcing Lloyd to flee once more. Knowing that all the other tribes feared the Anacondrai, Lloyd traveled to the Anacondrai Tomb only to find that a single one of these snakes remained—Pythor. Nevertheless, Pythor agreed to be Lloyd's minion and they spent the day carrying out petty crimes. At his new minion's suggestion, Lloyd and Pythor attacked Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys in revenge for them kicking him out. However when the Ninja arrived, Pythor showed his true colors by stealing the Map of Dens and fleeing, leaving Lloyd to be captured by the Ninja. Lloyd was then told a bedtime story by his Uncle Wu, explaining why one shouldn't trust a snake.

Now living with the Ninja, Lloyd aided his uncle in one of the Ninjas' daily lessons by pulling pranks on them (such as placing Zane's clothes with Kai's in the wash, thereby turning them pink) and blaming it on the other Ninja.

Becoming the Green Ninja

In the aftermath of the Devourer's defeat, the Ninja moved into an apartment in Ninjago City. Although their spacious new home had a training course for Lloyd, he was unable to receive any personal guidance from the Ninja as they all had to all work jobs to pay the rent. After Lloyd was nearly abducted by Skales, the Ninja decided to downsize to a more affordable apartment. Although the Ninja were now able to oversee Lloyd's training, they soon realized that their cramped apartment was unsuitable and began using Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo as training grounds. When Captain Soto and his pirates attacked Ninjago City, Lloyd was ordered by the Ninja to stay behind, but the little Green Ninja used the Ultra Dragon to board the ship, performing Spinjitzu for the first time during the battle.

Soon after, Lloyd was invited back to his old boarding school to receive an honor. Upon arriving at the school, Lloyd discovered that it was merely a ploy by his old classmates who captured him and attempted to turn him evil again. When Garmadon's Bizarro Ninja arrived, Lloyd managed to convince his classmates to help the Ninja defeat their fake counterparts. When the Ninja entered the Ninjaball Run to save Dareth's dojo from being destroyed, Lloyd entered the race with the Ultra Dragon. Although he was unable to reach the finish line, Lloyd did manage to stop Garmadon from destroying the Ninja mid-race.

When the Ninja were turned into kids by Garmadon's Mega-Weapon, Lloyd took them to Ninjago Doomsday Comix to find information about the Grundle, a ninja-hunting creature, that the effects of the Mega Weapon brought back to life. As a result of using Tomorrow Tea to defeat the Grundle, Lloyd was aged significantly, prompting the final battle to draw closer. Now older, Lloyd began to take his training more seriously and confronted his father with the other Ninja in the Lost City of Ouroboros. As a result of the Ninja following Garmadon back in time, Lloyd's knowledge of the Mega Weapon was erased.

Some time after, Lloyd and the other Ninja were summoned to the Ninjago Museum of History as the venom of the Great Devourer had brought the Stone Army merchandise to life. After the Ninja had taken care of the problem, Lloyd was reunited with his mother Misako, though still angry she left him so many years ago, he stormed away. Misako caught up to him and revealed the story of the Overlord.

Ninjago at Peace

Following the Overlord's defeat, Lloyd traveled Ninjago accepting medals and achievements as the Golden Ninja for his victory. His father also abandoned the title of Lord and began going by Master Garmadon, and swore an oath of nonviolence.

In the Digital Age

"Lloyd returns"

Lloyd heard word from Nya that the Ninja were in trouble, and raced to New Ninjago City on his Golden Elemental Dragon to help. He used his Golden Power to temporarily disable the Security Mechs and reunited with the Ninja. Their reunion was quickly interrupted by the revived Digital Overlord, whom Lloyd declared that since he defeated him once, he could defeat him again. As the Security Mechs powered up, the Overlord stated that he didn't want to fight, he only wanted the Golden Ninja's power. Lloyd prepared to attack the mechs again, but was stopped by Wu who realized that the golden power was only making them stronger. Their master then ordered the Ninja to flee the city while he tricked the Overlord, and Lloyd rode the Golden Dragon away.

"The Art of the Silent First"

Heading to his parents' monastery with the others, Lloyd was given a new green gi by Nya that would disguise him from the Overlord's facial recognition software. The group then visited Garmadon during a lesson, and Lloyd volunteered to face his father in a demonstration of the Art of the Silent Fist. Garmadon easily avoided his son's blows, and Lloyd let his temper get the better of him and nearly unleashed an elemental blast. The monastery was then attacked by the Overlord's new Nindroids, whom Lloyd was unable to battle effectively due to his Golden Power granting them greater strength.

After managing to escape, the heroes split up: the Ninja setting out to shut down the Wind Farms Power Station that energized the Nindroids and the rest of the Overlord's machinery, while Lloyd and his father sought to get as far from New Ninjago City as possible. To that end, Lloyd and Garmadon traveled to Nya's Samurai X Cave and used her car to accelerate their travels. Unfortunately, while passing through the Rice Fields, they were attacked by the Overlord's Nindroid MechDragon, and only escaped due to the Ninja and Nya accomplishing their own task. With no power, they continued their journey on foot, fearing that the Overlord might still pose a threat.


Father and son found themselves traveling through the mountains, where Garmadon tried to impress upon Lloyd that he had potential beyond his Golden Power, including the ability to move mountains. However, Lloyd expressed little interest in learning the finer nuances of the powers he possessed as heir of the First Spinjitzu Master, being content with the abilities granted him by his Golden Power. As the two continued their journey, however, they came across a Ravture nest with a chick in it, and Lloyd angered both his father and the adult Ravture by attempting to aid the youngling when it fell out of the nest. However, Lloyd then used his power to move mountains, much to his father's pleasure. Unfortunately, the Falcon then arrived with news that the Overlord was still at large, and the duo made their way towards Hiroshi's Labyrinth. Unbeknownst to them, this was part of their enemies' plans, and they began to zero in on the Garmadons' location.

"The Curse of the Golden Master"

As Lloyd and his father made their way through the labyrinth, Garmadon tried to impress upon Lloyd the importance of safeguarding the Golden Power. He warned him that his friends might one day seek it for themselves, and that he would eventually have to carry the burden without even his father beside him. Lloyd became despondent at the thought, and his father encouraged him with the legend of the Jewel of the Labyrinth, an oasis that had supposedly never been seen within the depths of the jungle maze. The pair eventually came across it, only to be attacked by a force of Nindroids led by Master Wu, who had been turned into an evil cyborg by the Overlord.

While his father engaged Wu, Lloyd used his powers to produce an elemental cycle that he used to try and escape. Unfortunately, his father was captured by Wu and taken aboard the reactivated MechDragon, and his attempt to rescue him was thwarted by a hooded figure. The stranger then threw back his hood to reveal a horrifyingly familiar visage: Pythor, who had survived being eaten by the Great Devourer but had his scales bleached due to nearly being digested. The villains then took Lloyd aboard the MechDragon and dumped his father overboard, leaving Lloyd thinking his father had drowned.

"Enter the Digiverse"

The Overlord wasted no time in beginning to drain Lloyd's Golden Power, a process that left Lloyd badly weakened. However, he was somehow contacted by Zane-and contacted him in turn-while the Ninja were attempting to erase the Overlord from within the Digiverse. The Ninja managed to reboot the system, causing the MechDragon to crash and freeing Lloyd, who soon made his way to a small village. He was soon contacted by the other Ninja and their allies, which-to his amazement-included his father.

"Codename: Arcturus"

Realizing he couldn't hold the Golden Power by himself anymore, Lloyd decided to return to the Temple of Light to distribute it back to the four Ninja, thus restoring their elemental powers.

As the Ninja began their search for Pythor and his Nindroid forces, Lloyd used his bike to search the Toxic Bogs, then continued to the Glacier Barrens but to no avail.

Lloyd eventually returned to Borg Tower after Kai had been captured by Pythor, and brainstormed with the others what Project Arcturus—the codename for a plan the Anacondrai intended to launch that very night—could be. They soon realized that he intended to use a rocket to retrieve the Golden Weapons to make the Overlord into the Golden Master, and raced to Ouroborus to stop him.

Upon reaching the Serpentine City, the four Ninja located the rocket and freed Kai, though were unable to stop the launch. Desperate to stop the Golden Master, Lloyd convinced the other Ninja to stow away with him on the rocket.

"The Void"

Shortly after the rocket entered space, Lloyd and the other Ninja came into contact with Wu, Nya, Garmadon, and P.I.X.A.L. who had returned to Borg Tower and recovered the rocket's blueprints. After Zane secured the other Ninja spacesuits, Lloyd lead them towards the cockpit to take command of the vessel. However before they could reach it, Cryptor dispatched several Nindroids to stop them while he piloted the rocket into the tail of the comet.

When Lloyd and the other Ninja awoke, they found themselves on the comet not too far from where Arcturus had landed, though Cryptor had taken the launch key. Lloyd discovered lunar rovers in the cargo hold and the Ninja set out crammed in one to find where the Nindroids had gone. They soon arrived in a large cave where the Golden Weapons had landed, though before they could reach the launch key, the Ninja fell under attack by a swarm of extraterrestrial beetles. The Nindroids used this to their advantage to escape, but Lloyd and the others pursued, only to arrive at the launch site to find Arcturus destroyed by the bugs, thus stranding them on the comet.


Winds of Change

Some time after the The Tournament of Elements, Lloyd and the other Ninja used their Elemental Dragons to catch a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a nearby coastal village. They were successful in their efforts and soon returned to Wu's new tea shop "Steep Wisdom" where their Master asked the Ninja to hand out flyers. Lloyd agreed but was summoned to the museum by the police before he could do so.

Upon arriving at the museum, Lloyd was taken by the Night Watchman to one of the backrooms where he revealed that the Allied Armor of Azure was stolen. Lloyd however discovered that the guard was possessed by the ghost Morro who proceeded to take over the Green Ninja's body.

During Morro's battle against Kai, the Master of Fire was able to summon the Green Ninja's consciousness. However the red ninja was quickly pulled away by the Destiny's Bounty and Morro regained control over Lloyd's body.

"Kingdom Come"

Lloyd continued to fight Morro's possession as the Master of Wind went about his search for the tomb. During a fight for the Sword of Sanctuary between Kai and Morro, Lloyd regained enough control so that he was able to give the Master of Fire the sword before the possession took hold of him again.

"The Crooked Path"

Morro left Lloyd's body temporarily to instead possess Ronin to send a message to the Ninja. During this, Lloyd was locked away in a cage (for the third time in his life; the first being the Treehouse Fortress, then by the Serpentine), though he claimed that Morro would have never become the Green Ninja.

"Grave Danger"

After the Ninja took the Realm Crystal, Morro left Lloyd's body in an extremly weak state and threatened to kill him if they didn't give him the crystal. After Kai tricked Morro when giving it to him, Morro let go of Lloyd, who then tried to attack the ghost, but was pushed into the cave river. He then stayed just above the water as the current pulled him through the cave, too weak to swim ashore. Kai and Cole followed Lloyd along the river, but because Kai couldn't swim, and Cole couldn't touch water, they hesitated in making a decision. Kai finally dove into the river, grabbing Lloyd, and was able to keep them both above the water, and just as they were about to plummet down a waterfall, Cole saved them, despite being doubtful at first. Now that Morro had both the Sword of Sanctuary and the Realm Crystal in his possession, as he fled the cave Cole was desperate to run after him, but the other ninja didn't want to, knowing that Lloyd was too tired to run with them. Despite the loss, they were determined to achieve victory in the battle with the ghosts.

"Curseworld, Part I"

Lloyd and his friends returned to Steep Wisdom, only to find that Wu had sold it in order to finance new vehicles for his students provided by Cyrus Borg. The group soon set out to challenge the Ghost Warriors' occupation of Stiix with Nya leading the charge. While the other ninja provided a distraction that included Nya donning Lloyd's green gi, Lloyd attempted to sneak in and recover the Realm Crystal. After engaging Morro he managed to recover the crystal, but was interrupted as he attempted to destroy it by Morro, who tried to convince him that he would lose his father forever. Lloyd quickly realized that Garmadon would have willingly destroyed the crystal, but was seized by one of the emerging Preeminent's tentacles before he could accomplish the task.

"Curseworld, Part II"

Lloyd found himself in the interior of the Cursed Realm, where he discovered his father imprisoned. He attempted to free his father but was told that the chains were unbreakable. Despairing over his defeat at Morro's hands, Lloyd was comforted by his father, who helped him find the courage to return to the fight also telling him that he would always be with him no matter where he is. Donning his father's robes (with his father no doubt wearing Lloyd's hoodie and jeans, as they must've switched), Lloyd soon engaged Morro in battle again, gaining possession of the Sword of Sanctuary in the process. Due to Morro possessing the Realm Crystal, Lloyd wound up chasing him through a number of the Sixteen Realms, including the Realm of Madness, the Underworld, Cloud Kingdom, and Chima.

Morro eventually returned to Ninjago alone, but he and the Preeminent were soon defeated by the remaining Ninja. Wu then used the recovered Realm Crystal to open a new portal that admitted Lloyd. He revealed that the Sword of Sanctuary had enabled him to see the outcome of the battle, thus making it unnecessary for him to follow Morro back to Ninjago. He then revealed that his father had apparently perished as a result of the Cursed Realm's destruction, but felt that he-and they-were "in a better place." Wu noted that his father's robes had given Lloyd wisdom, but that he would have to walk a long road to qualify for the title of master, something that Lloyd welcomed and accepted.

"Dark Island Trilogy, Part 1"

Lloyd and the other Ninja were summoned to the Samurai X Cave by Master Wu, who informed them that Misako and Ronin had gone missing off the coast of the Dark Island. The Ninja quickly readied the Destiny's Bounty and they set off towards the island.

Upon nearing the island however, the Bounty encountered an unnatural storm that sent the Ninja flying to various areas of the Dark Island. Shortly after recovering, Lloyd attempted to take a banana from a tree, but was then chased by several gorillas and quickly ran into Wu. After escaping from the gorillas by using Airjizu over quicksand, the two returned to the wreckage of the Destiny's Bounty. They spent several days repairing her and although she could not fly, the Bounty could float down the River of Darkness. Although Lloyd insisted they begin searching for his mother, Wu was adamant they sail for the Temple of Light and Lloyd begrudgingly agreed.

"Dark Island Trilogy, Part 2"

As Lloyd and Wu continued down the River of Darkness, Lloyd began to succumb to the influence of Dark Matter, lashing out angrily at a swarm of oversized bugs. Although Wu tried to reason with him, as the days went on Lloyd continued to grow more and more agitated. He eventually broke down and ran off into the Jankikai Jungle to search for his mother.

He soon found Sky Pirates guarding the entrance to Digger's Deep where they were keeping Misako and the fishermen. Still under the influence of Dark Matter, Lloyd angrily attacked them, though Zane and Cole arrived just in time to help him snap out of it. The three entered the cave, only to find Misako also under the influence of Dark Matter as she alerted the other Sky Pirates of their presence. Lloyd faced off against Dogshank, defeating her with his elemental energy which in turn freed Misako of the Dark Matter. As Cole and Zane went to procure vehicles with the help of Monkey Wrench, Lloyd and Misako helped free the fishermen. They all exited to the cave, only to find themselves surrounded by Sky Pirates. Thankfully, Cole, Jay, Nya, Zane, and Ronin arrived in their new vehicles, forcing the pirates to retreat. Lloyd jumped into the Ultra Stealth Raider and together with the other Ninja, pursued the Sky Pirates towards the Temple of Light.

"Day of the Departed"

Lloyd and his teammates raced to the Ninjago Museum of History in order to take Dr. Saunders' tour of the new Hall of Villainy, where they saw several sculptures of fallen former foes.

They then went their separate ways for the holiday, with Lloyd and his mother Misako traveling to the Corridor of Elders to pay their respects to Garmadon. Unfortunately, they were then attacked by Pythor, who had joined forces with several villains revived by Master Yang and now sought revenge on Lloyd. However, despite Pythor's underhanded tactics, he proved no match for Lloyd and Misako, and threw himself from the top of Garmadon's statue in order to escape.

Lloyd soon reunited with his friends, and learned they suffered similar attacks just as Wu appears and tells them of Yang's plan of distracting them as Morro also appears confirming this. Seeing Morro again, the Ninja prepare for a fight but Wu halts them and surprises by stating Morro is on their side and Morro tells them that Yang tricked Cole into opening a rift to return to Ninjago. The ninja then realized they forgot about Cole as Wu tells them to go for the Bounty as he would most likely be at the Temple of Airjitzu with that the ninja head off while a redeemed Morro returns to the Departed Realm.

They are caught in a storm but call out to Cole who regains the strength to fight back against Yang. They witnessed the halting of Yang's plans and before telling Cole to go through the rift as he speaks to Yang who redeems himself by throwing Cole through the rift.

The shockwave of the rift's closure causes the Bounty to have a hard landing at the Temple. When asked if he was alright, Lloyd confirms before wondering about Cole and starts to worry about him before he emerges from behind a rock, human once more. Lloyd joins the others in hugging Cole remarking he wasn't a ghost anymore before adopting the restored Temple of Airjitzu as their new base. Later that night, the Ninja, with their friends and families, gather around a fire and listen to Cole's story before lighting the lanterns.

The Hands of Time

Lloyd and the Ninja are helping Dr. Saunders clean up the museum. Cole finds a painting of the battle with Wu, and Garmadon fighting the Time Twins and tells Lloyd to check out his father. He notes that they are Ninjago's two greatest Elemental Masters, and wonders if he'll ever live up to their legacy. Zane tells them that the painting dates back about 40 years ago, during the Serpentine Wars and Lloyd asks Dr. Saunders what it is. He says that it has no historical significance, and he tells them that "in legend" the Time Twins could manipulate Time.

During Wu's battle with Acronix, a Time Blade falls from the sky causing a temporal anomaly which causes time to skip an entire minute. Lloyd and the others are walking out of the Museum when the Time Blade causes them to be displaced. In the Destiny's Bounty 2.0. Zane finds out that there was an energy displacement caused by temporal energy. They also find out that the displacement came from Wu's old monastery, all oyd suggests that they check it out, and then remembers that Wu went there—so they go there.

When they arrive, they see Acronix alone. Jay goes to fight him, and Zane tells them that it's Acronix from the painting. Lloyd points out that he should be older because the painting took place 40 years ago. The other Ninja go to help Jay and Kai accidentally sets the monastery on fire again. Lloyd orders Jay, Cole, and Kai to help him battle Acronix, and tells Zane and Nya to try and put out the flames.

Lloyd and the Ninja push Acronix back with their powers so that he apparently falls off the edge, but he actually just uses the Time Blade to move forward in time and escape.

Thinking they defeated him, they find Master Wu (who was hanging on a tree branch) and help him back up.

The Hatching

Shortly after their battle against Acronix, the Ninja meet with Wu at the Temple of Airjitzu. Wu says they can ask him anything they need to and they bombard him with questions. He tells them about the Time Twins.

After Wu falls asleep, the Ninja go back to unpacking the temple when they see on the news that a strange samurai warrior is attacking the Borg Store. The Ninja arrive at the store, and roll a digital dice to decide who battles it first. Each time it's there turn, they fail at fighting it so they try doing it all at once. The fight is brought into the store, where another Vermillion appears and starts attacking them as well. However, they are more interested in Borg, and so Zane takes him away once they find their weakness and. The Ninja to meet up with Zane, only to find him in the alleyway alone and unconscious.

A Time of Traitors

Back at the Airjitzu Temple, Lloyd and the Ninja are trying to figure out where the Samurai Snakes come from, and they ask Wu, but he only talks in gibberish and sleeps. Lloyd points out that Wu isn't himself and that they need to get Zane back online because he was the only one who saw where Borg went. Lloyd tells the others to reboot Zane and see what they can find out while he stays at the Temple to watch Wu.

After the others leave, Lloyd sits next to Wu while he tries to get better. Wu says that Lloyd seems upset. The former says that as a Master in training, he feels like he should be doing something. Before Wu told him what he was missing, he fell into slumber.


Lloyd continues to watch Wu. He leaves to get something, and Wu tells Misako that he is rapidly aging as a result of the Time Punch. As Lloyd comes back in, Wu tells Misako not to tell anyone of his condition. When Lloyd returns, Wu starts rambling and says that Lloyd should have been there when he fought Acronix. Lloyd agrees that he should have been at his side, and that he failed his Master, and that it can't happen again.

He leaves Wu's side to get the Ninja to make a plan at stopping the Vermillion. He tells the Ninja that Wu is in no condition to lead, and Lloyd steps up as Master before Kai and Jay add "temporary" and "in-training" to his title. The other Ninja want to go and fight, but Lloyd says that they need to develop a plan first, much to the dismay of the others.

Lloyd is going over a very boring plan, and Jay starts messing with him which causes Lloyd to start explaining his plan over again, until Ronin and Dareth come in and say the city is under attack. The other Ninja wanted to go ahead and fight them, but Lloyd says they still need a plan. The Ninja don't want to wait, as Lloyd orders them to stay but they ignore the order and left. Exasperated at their ignoring him, Lloyd goes back to watching Master Wu.

Lloyd starts pacing around the room and his mother asks him if he's worried about Cole, Jay, and Kai. He says he's mad at them for not following his orders, and that he's worried about Wu and how he said he wished Lloyd was with him. Wu wakes up and tells him that he didn't mean he wished Lloyd was there, but the whole team. Lloyd is still upset that the Ninja didn't follow his orders, and asks Wu what he should do next, and Wu falls asleep. Lloyd walks to the window and says that he made a mistake, and that his mistake was being alone. He decides that he should go help the Ninja. When he sees that all the power went out, he realizes that the Ninja should be at the power plant.

He arrives before the others and tells them that he's sorry for not going with them to help stop the Vermillion. The other Ninja apologize too, and Lloyd says that they should go in there and fight the snakes. When they get in, the place looks empty. He asks Zane to detect the snakes, and he finds them disguised as office warriors. They fight the Vermillion while Zane is walking around aimlessly. Lloyd points out that the turbines in the place are just turbo charged electro-magnets, so they can use Zane to use the magnet and take the Vermillion's armor. When they've done it, they fix Zane and fill him in on everything that's happened since he fell unconscious. Then, they see on the news that the snakes are attacking Mega Monster Amusement Park. They get ready to leave, save for Jay, who goes to his parents' junkyard to make sure they are okay.

A Line in the Sand

The Ninja are fighting the Vermillion at the amusement park. They get cornered at the middle of the park when they notice that they're only interested in stealing metal, rather than fighting them.

The Attack

Secrets Discovered

Pause and Effect

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Lost in Time

After Ninjago returns to normal, the Ninja celebrate as Nya and Kai arrive to heal their father.

The Ninja are soon informed of Wu sacrificing himself and being lost in time, as they wonder what to do. Jay takes stance and nominates Lloyd as leader, as he is shocked by this sudden decision as his comrades ask for his decision.

Though initially reluctant, Lloyd then takes up the mantle with his first orders being to bury the reverse Time blade where nobody could find it. He then makes his second order to no matter what, locating Wu.

Sons of Garmadon

A year after Wu was lost in time, Lloyd's mother, Misako, went to go look for him, not telling him or anyone.

The Mask of Deception

Lloyd attempts to stop a raid where six robbers steal an ancient mask. With P.I.X.A.L. as his guide, Lloyd pursued them, only able to stop one and left him to be arrested, but failed to stop the others, choosing to reunite the team. As they meet up, a man named Hutchins says the stolen mask is an Oni Mask. He also tells them he is head of security to the Emperor and Empress of Ninjago and wants the Ninja to assist.

The Jade Princess

Lloyd discovers someone in Princess Harumi's room and pursues them, only to find it was Harumi herself, making a small run to feed homeless kids. In order to escape Hutchins, Harumi gives Lloyd a hoodie before they move across town and hand out the food. Later, they talk on a bridge about their lives before noticing some punks harassing some kids, Lloyd quickly recognising them as the Sons of Garmadon. After Samurai X scared them off, Hutchins catches the two and escorts Harumi back to the palace himself. Lloyd later eavesdrops on Harumi being reprimanded about the previous night by her parents before they exchange apologies and Hutchins, catching him eavesdropping tells Lloyd to stay away from Harumi.

The Oni and the Dragon

Since their headquarters was too out in the open, they decide to stay on the Destiny's Bounty. Before heading to question the suspect Lloyd stopped, they visit Mistaké for the Tea of Truth before noticing a painting and wants to learn about it. Lloyd and Jay stayed behind to hear the Tale of the Oni and the Dragon, learning his grandfather once lived there before creating Ninjago. Mistaké also tells him the Oni Masks will resurrect his father, as a soulless being.

Snake Jaguar

The Ninja attempt to find Zane, who is being brought before the "big man."

Dead Man's Squall

Offscreen, Lloyd and the Ninja found Cole, who escaped along with a mysterious baby. Lloyd and the Ninja find Zane, unconscious and bring him aboard the Bounty. Later, Lloyd, Cole, Kai, and Jay tried to calm down the baby as he cried before they try to bet which hood will double as a diaper. But Harumi was able to calm him down by singing to him. He and Harumi later watched a storm cloud called "Dead Man's Squall" before they nearly kiss, but Lloyd chickens out at the last minute.

Games of Masks

Lloyd and Harumi journey through the area and Lloyd begins to become suspicious of Harumi's knowledge. As they find the last mask, Harumi told Lloyd only he can pick it up since he has Oni blood, he complies. After grabbing the mask, he realizes her guise as the Quiet One and she gives up her act and they fight. Harumi mocks him and reveals to him her desire to resurrect Garmadon since he's a better hero than the ninja and telling Lloyd that his uncle Wu was the infant, to his shock.

Dread on Arrival

Lloyd was brought up to the Temple of Resurrection that was among the ruins of the palace, teasingly pushed by Killow beforehand. At the centre, he was reunited with Misako and told by Harumi that she never had feelings for him before they were both were placed in a counter cell where if one cage is raised, the other is sent underwater to awaiting piranhas. The Ninja soon arrived and freed Lloyd where they stopped Harumi by using Spinjitzu. As the members and Harumi were arrested, Lloyd hugged his mother after she was freed by an officer. As the cops praised them, Lloyd stops one from closing the back of the transport van where Harumi was. In a rare time to be cold, Lloyd saw through a lie she made, saying he was right and it wasn't her, he used her own words against her before closing the doors on her before the van drove off.

True Potential

As the Ninja celebrate at Dareth's bar, Lloyd doesn't feel like celebrating, due to Harumi breaking his heart before being comforted by his mother. Upon seeing the news on TV, he tells Dareth to stop the music, ruining the other Ninja's singing as they see a report on Harumi's breakout. He has Dareth take Misako and Wu to a safe place (Dareth's apartment) while they go see the injured officers. The Commissioner says the one who broke her out was Garmadon and that he was no longer the man he recognised. They soon hear breaking news that Harumi and Garmadon have taken over Kryptarium Prison and released the Sons of Garmadon. Although he wanted to try and reason with his father, the other Ninja object, so he disables the navigation system, locks the Ninja and P.I.X.A.L. in a room and takes off for the prison. As soon as he arrived, they decide to broadcast his presence on all TVs to Ninjago as well as the fight between him and his father. Although he tried to reason, Garmadon doesn't listen as there is no more good in him before throwing him through a wall, into a locker room, where he starts having difficulty breathing. The barely breathing Lloyd was unable to keep fighting and was knocked out of the prison. He was left on the grounds, weakly breathing before losing a photo of himself and his father back when he was still good.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

He later met Harumi who demanded he hand over Wu but he refused and ran off as she chased him across the city. Harumi soon cornered him and offered him a place in her organization but he again refused and fought her. She defeated him and forced him to watch as the Colossi as it "killed" Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, and Wu before he fled to the safety of his mother, P.I.X.A.L. and Nya, unaware that the four Ninja and his uncle survived through Traveler's Tea.


While hiding from Killow, Mr. E, and their grunts, Lloyd and the others discover the remains of Destiny Bounty and were sad as Lloyd picked up a picture of him and his friends. He then noticed a piece of a leaf for Traveler's tea and inform the others who realize that the half of the ship was gone, which meant they were teleported somewhere. They are saved from the villains by the Elemental Masters.

At their hideout, they learn that Mistaké told the masters of the danger. Lloyd spoke with her and she reveals to him that his friends and uncle are alive but trapped in the land of his grandfather, Lloyd realize they are in the realm of the oni and dragon.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

As the legendary Green Ninja, Lloyd is a Master Builder and the leader of a secret ninja force protecting NINJAGO City from the most notorious villain of all time: Lord Garmadon. Crowds cheer the Green Ninja as a hero, but when he takes off his mask they only see him as Lloyd, the boy unfortunate enough to be Garmadon’s son. It’s hard for him to make friends or get through a day at school because Garmadon ruins everything. Still, Lloyd yearns to have a real relationship with his dad.

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