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Lluna is a major character in Minecraft Story Mode Season 2. She is a Stella's Llama but later if you tell Stella that she'll take care of her or take Lluna in the Sunshine institute and be mean to Stella she'll become Jesse's llama. She is also friends with Petra, Lukas, Jack, and Nurm.


Lluna has white fur and wears a purple and blue scarf. In Jailhouse Block, she wears a dark purple scarf and a hat. Lluna may also have a chest equipped later in the episode if Jesse decides to let Nurm stay as a replacement for Xara.


Lluna is a disobedient, spirited llama, as shown when she tried to escape from Champion City several times due to Stella's abuse. Lluna is a smart llama, as shown in "Jailhouse Block" when she tries to find a way to kill hostile mobs (determinant), and she seems to be able to understand speech, as shown in "Hero in Residence" when she frowns at Petra's comments on her as well as Jesse making a joke in Champion City (determinant).

Lluna is notably obsessed with treasure, as she is known as a "treasure-sniffing llama" and led to Jesse finding the Prismarine Gauntlet. She tried to bite Jesse's Prismarine Gauntlet twice in "Giant Consequences," the amulet once, and even Fred's compass once in "Below the Bedrock." She also sniffed out the buried "Golden Apple" armor in "Below the Bedrock" (determinant).

In "Above and Beyond", depending on the choices you make, she can forgive Stella for her mistreatment of her, despite her abuse of her. Lluna can officially become Jesse's pet if they have a positive relationship.


  • Depending on the choices she can hate Stella.
  • She is not like Stella most of the time. 


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