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Lluna is a supporting character in Minecraft Story Mode Season 2. She is a Stella's Llama but later if you tell Stella that she'll take care of her or take Lluna in the Sunshine institute and be mean to Stella she'll become Jesse's llama. She is also friends with Petra, Lukas, Jack, and Nurm. She can similar to Reuben


Lluna is a Llama that likes Jesse even though Jesse can call her names sometimes or insult her. But Lluna is sometimes a trouble maker to Jesse and Stella. But Lluna can be loyal. She was shown to be a false antagonist who wants to get away from her original owner Stella and wants to be with her detriment owner Jesse. What really makes her a hero is helping Jesse Defeat Romeo and killing some monsters likes zombie, spiders, and more...


  • Depending on the choices she can hate Stella.
  • She is not like Stella most of the time. 


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