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Look, I may not know what it's like to lose someone like you did. But I know a ton about anger, man. I've been there. That shit will destroy you if you let it. So don't.
~ Logan

Logan Calloway is a minor character in the first and second seasons of Netflix's Locke & Key, appearing as a supporting character in Trapper/Keeper and Past is Prologue and a minor character in Welcome to Matheson, Head Games, Family Tree, The Black Door, Echoes, and The Premiere. A student at Matheson Academy, he befriends Tyler Locke when he partially falls out with Javi, despite mainly associating with the latter and his unsavory friends including Jackie Veda. He is played by Eric Graise.


Early life

Next to nothing is known about Logan Colloway's past; his lower legs were somehow destroyed, forcing him to wear prosthetics for the rest of his life. He eventually befriended the obnoxious yet intellectual Jackie Veda and her unpleasant friends. However, he was clearly less charitable in his regard for the hedonistic and boorish Javi.

2020-21 academic year

Jackie's not counting on me, man. She's expecting you.
~ Logan

Eventually, Logan saw Javi's car unethically parked in the handicap zone and scraped it with his key, not knowing Tyler Locke had seen him. Later at the convenience store, Logan discussed the car with its owner while Tyler remains quiet. Javi and his friends attempted to force Tyler to steal alcoholic beverages from the store; however their efforts were foiled when the elderly shopkeeper notices them. When Tyler was confronted, Logan discharged him by claiming Tyler fetched the bottle for him. Being experienced, he asks if he even knows Tyler, to which Logan claims everyone does.

Logan witnessed the fight between Tyler and Chad Garland after the latter creeped on the former's little sister, Kinsey Locke. Tyler expected a lecture, but Logan gave none, instead warning him his anger could destroy him from the inside out should he allow it to.

Logan was at Joe's remembrance party, eventually spotting Tyler, much to his surprise. Following him, he repeatedly questioned his absence from the 5K until his focus diverted to Javi and Brinker. A few days later, Logan accompanied Jackie and Eden Hawkins to confront Kinsey Locke for allegedly pranking her in the early morning. Logan suggested Eden may have seen the gardener with the hunchback, whom Logan considered to be terrifying. After he witnessed the physical manifestation of Kinsey's fear assault Eden, Logan was informed by Tyler that a woman the latter falsely presumed to be a demoness was lurking around Matheson, and when Logan asked for evidence of the magic he claimed was a reality, he brought forth the Matchstick Key, much to Logan's amazement.

2021-22 academic year

Well, your dad was quite the athlete. Did he run in college, too?
~ Logan

Logan attended the Savinis' after party following the premiere of The Splattering, and it is rather likely he saw the movie itself despite not being spotted amongst the crowd by Kinsey Locke. Several weeks later, Logan helped Tyler and Dodge find a magical key. He was notably saddened to learn his friends' deaths had discouraged Rendell Locke from continuing to be an athlete.


While moderately enigmatic, Logan appeared to be a pleasant person in general; he is a quick thinker and a loyal friend. He appeared intelligent, as he knew the spacious Matheson Academy like the back of his hand. He was resigned to relying on his prosthetic legs and he dealt with anger issues in the past and wisely overcame them. Despite being a mature teenager, however, he also found the cruel and childish Eden Hawkins to be unusually attractive, although several of her peers also did. However, his personality is arguably hard to pin down thanks to his minimal screen time.


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