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The thrill of discovery, the clacking of keys, the scent of fresh ink. I think I've finally found my calling.
~ Lois upon becoming a journalist.
Being a hero's wife means never accepting defeat.
~ Lois Lane to Tess Mercer.
Smallville, you made a funny! It's taken you about a decade, but you're getting the hang of it.
~ Lois to Clark in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Lois Lane is a fictional character in the WB/CW television series Smallville, which are based on the Superman comics from DC. She was supporting protagonist during season four through eight, and the main female protagonist during season nine and ten. The character returned for the CW's Arrowverse in "Crisis on Infinite Earths", where it's revealed that she is from Earth-167.

She is the cousin of Chloe Sullivan, and went to Smallville to investigate her "murder" after she received a video diary from her. Chloe met the Kent family, becoming close to Jonathan and Martha, and later their adoptive son, Clark. She would also become a reporter like Chloe, and became one at the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Lois eventually fell in love with Clark, and learned his secret identity as "The Blur", and later became a member of the Justice League.

She was portrayed by Erica Durance, who also played Brianna Withridge and Faora when possessed in the same series, and Alura Zor-El in CW's Supergirl.


Early Life

Lois Lane was born around 1986 to Sam Lane, a military general and his wife Ella Lane, and is the older sister of Lucy Lane. When the first meteor shower hit Smallville, she was about three or four years old. When she was around six years old, Ella passed away from cancer, which affected Lois for the rest of her life. Lois spent much her youth as an army brat, as she followed her father around the world since he was part of the military.

While traveling, she had a romance with Wes Keenan in grade school, who was also an army brat. Due to her father being in the military, she gained knowledge from the army, received naval training, and earned a third degree black belt. Later in her high school years, Lois was taken to prom on an M1 Abrams Tank, and also dated Steve Trevor at one point. Though she was often traveled, she was close to her first cousin, Chloe Sullivan, who lived in Smallville and was close friends with Clark Kent.


Season 1

When Chloe was kidnapped, Clark and Pete Ross discuss why she has not called them from Metropolis to let them know she was alright. Pete suggested that she may be partying with her cousin, but the two didn't know at the time she was kidnapped. Later on, Chloe's father Gabe mentioned that he tried calling Chloe's cousin but keeps getting voicemail. Though it's never confirmed, Lois and Lucy are the only two cousins that Chloe ever mentions.

Season 3

When Chloe was working at the Daily Planet as intern columnist, she suggests using Lois' name as a pseudonym, because her cousin wasn't interested in becoming a journalist.

Season 4

Lois went to Smallville to investigate Chloe's "murder" after she found a video dairy, where Sullivan addressed Clark and regarded information on Lionel Luthor. While driving through the countryside, a bolt of lightning struck the cornfield in front of her, and found a naked and disoriented Clark returning to Earth as "Kal-El". Lois took him to the Smallville Medical Center, where he was recognized by his adoptive mother, Martha. Upon learning that she found Clark, Lois visited the Kent farm to ask Martha if she or Jonathan knew anything about Chloe's death. Though she didn't get much information, Martha warned Lois to not get tangled with Lionel.

When Clark was restored from "Kal-El", he offered to help Lois solve Chloe's death, and the two found Sullivan alive. Lois stayed with the Kent family until her father came to collect her, and she then left to star her first semester at Metropolis University. Lois later learned that she failed her last semester of high school, and after being caught drunk, was kicked out of college. General Lane ordered her to enroll in Smallville High to finish, and the Kent family offered to let her stay. During her time there, Lois wrote for the Smallville Torch, and teamed up with Clark and Chloe for various investigations to find out the truth about humans who were affected by the meteor shower.

She helped investigate a strange love potion that infected Chloe and wrote an article about plastic surgery that won her some acclaim from Torch readers. Through it all, Lois and Clark continued to squabble, trading sarcastic remarks back and forth and generally frustrating each other.

On Chloe's eighteenth birthday, Lois was possessed by a 17th Century witch, Brianna Withridge. With Lana and Chloe also possessed by witches themselves, they joined a wild party and stripped Clark of his powers. When he recovered his powers, all three girls were restored to normal.

Later, Lois pleaded to the dean while, in addition, Clark asked Lex Luthor to pull some strings and she was allowed to attend Metropolis University.

After Clark (under the influence of red kryptonite) and Alicia Baker attempted to wed in Las Vegas, Lois was shown to be very critical of their relationship, even making inappropriate and public comments about it. Meanwhile, Lois went on a date with Tim Westcott and found out he was trying to murder Jason and Lana because of their unnatural relationship (age difference). Tim then proceeded to kill Alicia, angering Clark almost to the point of murdering Tim, Lois was able to reach out to Clark and stopped him from killing Tim.

Shortly after it began, Lois's stint in college came to a disastrous end when she was wrongly accused of attacking a Met U football player and expelled for violating the drinking policy. When she discovered the real assailant, Geoff Johns, he proceeded to paralyze her, placing her in an underground water tank to drown. Clark saved her just in time. Unable to admit to her father what had happened, she asked the Kents if she could come back to stay with them until she figured something out.

While returning to the Kent farm to set up residence, she accidentally hit a dog with kryptonite-induced super strength. The dogs original owners were using "Einstein" and another dog to rob people, but "Einstein" ended up turning against his owners and bonded with Clark and Lois, even though she is allergic to dogs. Lois suggested naming the dog "Clarky" because he had a talent for annoying her, but in the end they decided on naming him "Shelby" after Martha's childhood dog.

Lois was reunited with her sister, Lucy, who came to Smallville to ask her sister to help her resolve a situation with a European loan shark. The two were later kidnapped during Lucy's attempt to extort money from Lex. When Lucy skipped town with Lex's money, Lois blamed herself for the way Lucy turned out. For the first time, Lois talked to Clark openly about how her father brought her up. And Clark assures Lois that she is a good big sister.

Around the time of Clark's prom, a student named Dawn Stiles began to possess people in Smallville. After Dawn possessed Lois, she and Clark went to prom together, resulting in much confusion for Lois when her own personality was restored. Although Clark offered to dance with her, she encouraged him to dance with Lana instead.

On the way home one evening, Lois hit a dog, Shelby, and brought him to the Kent Farm. The dog turned out to possess super-strength and Clark decided to keep him. Soon afterwards, Lois also joined Martha Kent as a part-time waitress in Talon.

On Clark's last day of high school, Lois helped him locate Chloe and Lana, who had both gone missing. Suspecting Brendan Nash took them, Clark and Lois located a warehouse in which Brendan had set up a fake high school. Lois found her own way inside, but she was attacked by Brendan and converted into a wax statue. Brendan almost shattered her with a bat, but Clark blocked the strike and saved all three girls from being killed; when Brendan died, she and the others were restored to normal.

The day of Clark's high school graduation, Lois announced to the Kents that she and her father would be leaving to go find her sister. However, the second meteor shower prevented her from leaving and she watched the devastation that laid waste to the town.

Season 5

After the meteor shower of 2005, Lois went to look for the Kents at the barn and found them both alive, but Martha was seriously injured. She helped Jonathan take her to the hospital where she was assaulted by Kryptonians Nam-Ek and Aethyr. They let her go when Lana Lang diverted their attention by telling them what they wanted to know. Lois then continued her original plan to leave with General Lane in search of her sister.

Soon afterward, Lois returned to Smallville and moved back into Kent Farm and got her old job back at the Talon, much to the annoyance of Clark. At Crater Lake, Lois hit her head while diving and almost drowned. Clark went in to save her, but was beat by an another swimmer, Arthur Curry. They connected and kissed, but was caught by Clark walking in on them. Clark became extremely rude to Arthur, and Lois told Clark to back off, thinking that he's jealous of Arthur. Clark and Lois eventually made up and soon afterward Arthur Curry left town. Lois was very disappointed, but Clark told her that she'll find someone more special than Arthur someday.

Lois and Chloe found themselves in the middle of a murder investigation after receiving a call from an exotic dancer from the Windgate Club. Lois is forced into an uncomfortable position when they get caught by being passed off as a dancer, and is forced to perform in order to continue the investigation. She is almost taken out of the country until she was saved unknowingly by Clark, She thanks Clark for his efforts in saving her and they part as friends.

Shortly after, Lois moved out of the Kent's and into the apartment above the Talon and started to spend more time with Chloe in the nights at the Daily Planet.

During Jonathan and Lex's Senate race, Lois confronted Lex and suggested he bow out before someone dug up incriminating information on him. Lex was unconcerned, which fueled her passion even more. She convinced Chloe to help her dig up information on Lex that would make him lose the race. They attempted to investigate Warehouse 15, but were thwarted by security. Lois was disappointed to come up empty-handed, and Chloe suggested she become a reporter. Lois commented that she would never be able to stand all of the unanswered questions.

After Lois criticized the image his campaign manager was portraying of Jonathan Kent, Jonathan fired him and hired Lois to manage his bid for Senate. She hung up posters, arranged rallies, and managed his finances. When Samantha Drake a student obsessed with Lex Luthor attempted to kill Jonathan, she tried to force Lois to shoot him. With Clark's help (he caught the bullet), Lois was able to fight her off.

When Jonathan confronted her about taking money from Lionel Luthor, she did not inform him that it was Martha who originally accepted Lionel's offer and instead took the blame herself. Later, when Martha clarified the situation, Jonathan apologized to her.

The day Jonathan won the election actually happened twice, due to Jor-El reversing time - the second time Lois was about to get electrocuted from falling off of a stool in the Talon apartment, she was saved by Clark instead of Lana. She later attended Jonathan's funeral with Chloe soon after.

When Chloe was possessed by the spirit of a murdered girl, she seemingly tried to kill herself and Lois took her to the hospital. Lois felt guilty about Chloe's condition and was extremely concerned for her safety. Later, Lois and Chloe were abducted by the girl's killer Michael Westmore, who almost killed them both. With Clark's help, they were able to free Chloe from the spirit and escape being murdered.

Lois was the first to encounter a hypnotized Clark after he met the evil Simone after seeing them making out behind the Talon. Chloe enlisted Lois' help to try and stop Clark from leaving with Simone and killing Lex. When Martha became hypnotized as well, she almost shot Lois, but Chloe stopped her just in time.

When Martha's chief of staff was murdered, she took in her foster daughter, Maddie Van Horn. However, while Lois was in charge of watching Maddie, she encountered Maddie's murderous father, Tyler McKnight. Lois was injured when McKnight shattered a car window and sent the glass flying towards her. Lois felt great guilt and disappointment with herself for letting Maddie get taken. Martha later hired Lois as her new Chief of Staff.

Lois was wined and dined by the wealthy Graham Garrett after Clark saved his life and he met her at Clark's house. He began to lavish her with expensive and exotic dates and Lois started to feel more attracted to him. Without her knowing, Garret began to spy on her and after Chloe revealed Graham to be a hired hit-man and a killer, Lois talked to Martha about why she always attracted to bad boys, but Martha assured her that she had similar experiences at Lois' age, and tells Lois that the reason they date the wrong people is so that they can recognize the right person.

On Clark's birthday, Lois made him an irregular blue rum cake and gave him a journal, so that he would hopefully find some way to release all the feelings he kept bottled up about Lana and maybe move on with his life. Later, Lois met Lana at the Talon and realized that she was in a relationship with Lex and offered an ear and had a three hour conversation with Lana about the status of her relationship with Lex. When Clark was depressed because of the developing relationship between Lex and Lana, Lois tried to reassure him by reminding him he will find someone someday that may not be Lana.

When Martha and Lois were scheduled to attend a conference in Washington D.C., their flight was cancelled and then Lionel offered them the LuthorCorp jet and Martha accepted. When they started noticing certain surroundings that shouldn't be there like mountains in the distance, Lois tries to get a hold of the pilot to find out what was going on, but he didn't respond as the pilot turned out to be Brainiac leading them to their demise. She tried to get the door open and starts to realize that he turned the oxygen off which made Martha pass out but Lois was able to get the emergency oxygen tank out, but she soon passed out as well before she could reach for them and actually use them.

Season 6

Lois and Martha's plane crashed near the Fortress of Solitude. She awakened for a time while there, but later told at the hospital that she only vaguely remembered the structure and thought it was heaven. Clark told her that maybe she hallucinated, but she insisted that it was real. Clark expressed that he was glad she was okay and spontaneously hold her hand, making Lois uncomfortable and she awkwardly pulled away.

Lois was jogging when the Kents' barn door came crashing out of the sky and land close to her. She was determined to discover what made it fly off the barn and relentlessly investigated, despite Chloe's attempts to get her to drop the subject. She wrote an article for the Daily Planet, but Chloe discouraged her, trying to protect Clark, and seemingly doubting it was good enough to be published. Undeterred, she successfully shopped her story to the Metropolis Inquisitor and received her first byline and then she began moonlighting for the Inquisitor.

Lois was close to accepting a job when she met Oliver Queen and accidentally insulted him, thinking he was the messenger boy for Queen Industries. She was sternly chastised by Martha and went to his loft to apologize. He accepted, but only if she attended Lex Luthor's costume ball as his date. At the end of the night, she denied Oliver a kiss, saying he would have to earn it.

Enamored, Oliver continued to woo her, and they began a relationship. When Oliver met Clark, he commented on Clark's "feelings" for Lois, which both Lois and Clark quickly brushed off. While attending a fund-raiser with Oliver, Lois witnessed the Green Arrow stealing a rare diamond necklace off Martha's neck and vowed to find the man behind the mask. She wrote an article about him, dubbing him the "Green Arrow Bandit." Later, she was captured by crooks who also wanted to know who the Green Arrow was and was rescued by the Green Arrow himself. Lois blamed him for her harrowing experience and was about to unmask him until Clark ensured Oliver a quick escape route. Later, she told Oliver that she would not give up until she unmasked Green Arrow. She told him that she considers the Green Arrow dangerous, making Oliver concerned and worried.

Lois went with Oliver to an alumni event for Excelsior Academy and was by Oliver's side when two of his childhood friends were brutally murdered by an unseen force. She worked with Clark to investigate the mysterious deaths, intending to write a story about it. However, when she learned that the culprit was the astral projection of paralyzed Duncan Allenmeyer, who had had experimental therapy, Lois abruptly stopped, as she thought it best not to write her story given the circumstances.

Tired of his disappearing acts, Lois decided to break up with Oliver, who often left her alone for his duties as Green Arrow. Looking for Oliver, Lois encountered the Green Arrow, who threw her into a glass table and sent her to the hospital. Clark told Lois about Oliver's use of an intravenous drug, and Lois believed it explained his erratic behavior. Oliver quit taking the drug and asked Lois to take him back. She did, and they attended the Kent Thanksgiving dinner as a couple.

Lois paid Jimmy Olsen for possible footage of the Green Arrow. However, all Jimmy got was images of Green Arrow's arms and legs. Lois began to suspect Oliver was the Green Arrow and enlisted Clark's help to prove it. However, Clark and Oliver worked together to throw her off by having Clark wear Oliver's costume and end her suspicions. With Clark in Oliver's costume, they shared their first kiss, unknown to Lois. Clark's reaction to the kiss show that he enjoyed the experience, later Clark was very pleased as Lois told her tale of her kiss with the 'Green Arrow', admitting that the Green Arrow (Clark) is better kisser then Oliver.

Lois and Oliver's relationship continued until Lois confronted Oliver on his tendency to always disappear in the middle of their dates. Oliver tried to make it up to her by promising a romantic vacation. However, before their departure, Oliver backed out on the trip again due to his commitments to the Justice League and Lois declared that she would not be waiting for him. He told her that he wasn't planning on coming back to Metropolis and they parted ways in a tearful and emotional breakup.

Unable to overcome her breakup with Oliver, at a Valentine's Day party at the Talon, Lois unknowingly bought a lipstick containing a red kryptonite-based aphrodisiac and became infatuated with Clark. She started to try to seduce him and after she infected Clark with a kiss, the two almost had sex at the Queen Tower until Clark saw the engagement invitation of Lana and Lex wedding and decided to crash the party with Lois. After Clark rebuffed Lois and left with Lana, she almost hurt Chloe, but Jimmy sprayed her with the antidote and Lois when back to herself, with no knowledge of the events. The next day Lois uncomfortably showed Clark the tattoo on her breast and vaguely tried to ask him if they slept together. Clark was amused by the whole situation. He didn't tell her the whole story, but he did show her the CD she made for him, and she was clearly embarrassed.

Lois was desperate for a story for the Inquisitor. While Chloe and Clark were investigating a lethal Internet fight club, she discovered the location of the club. When she arrived, she was caught by Athena and told her she was a stripper from a nearby strip club. She convinced her that she needed help and promised to leave her name at the front door, claiming she did a "killer stars and stripes routine". After she departed, she snapped pictures and was caught by Athena. They engaged in a fight and Lois was the victor, but was forced to fight after getting caught by Richtor Maddox at gunpoint. She was about to fight Clark by force but then Titan showed up, she was knocked unconscious.

When Lana Luthor was shot at the Daily Planet, Lois was determined to find out what she was trying to expose. She stole Lana's cigarette case from the crime scene and discovered a flash drive belonging to Lex. The drive contained a video of a meeting between Lex and Senator Ed Burke discussing Project Ares. However, Lionel Luthor guessed her involvement and took the flash drive from her. He warned her that whoever had targeted Lana wouldn't hesitate to do away with her as well.

Lois confronted Senator Burke outside an alley and witnessed his murder by the invisible Wes Keenan. When he showed himself, Lois was shocked to recognize him as a childhood friend. The Kents suggested Lois stay on the farm for protection from Wes, but he located her anyway. However, their shared history caused Wes to disobey his orders to kill her and he apprehended her instead. With Lois' help, Wes was able to fend off his mind control long enough to explain what happened to him. Clark and Chloe tracked them down to an old military base and Clark was, able to save Wes from killing Lois, unseen. Wes died in Lois' arms, stating he'd rather be dead than used as a weapon, and repeating a string of numbers.

Wes' death motivated Lois to get to the bottom of Project Ares, so she studied the numbers that Wes died repeating, until she realized they were latitude and longitude coordinates. She tracked it down to Reeves Dam, but when she got there, Lois was confronted by a guard who stabbed her in the stomach. Lois was able to call Chloe for help before she passed out. Chloe found Lois near death from blood loss and began to cry. Mysteriously, her tears healed Lois' stab wound and she recovered, horrified to find that Chloe was the one near death, and the dam crumbling, trapping them inside.

Season 7

In the collapsed dam, Lois encountered Philipe Lamont, the boy previously possessed by Bizarro while trying to escape. Clark heard her calling for help and took all three to the hospital where the doctors tried to revive Chloe. Restless, Lois instructed Clark to stay with Chloe while she went to the Luthor Mansion to search for clues that pointed to Lex's involvement with the project. There, she ran into Bizarro, who had taken Clark's form. Mistaking him for Clark, she was angered when he made a pass at her and slapped him across his face. Later, Lois deduced that "Clark"'s odd behavior was due to his grief over Lana Lang's reported death, and sincerely offered her condolences.

Lois was determined to investigate the dam and after discovered a red spaceship with Clark, she took a picture with her cell phone but it was crushed by a blonde woman, who knocked Lois out. Lois visited Chloe at work at Daily Planet and tried to convince her that she'd seen a UFO but Chloe refused the idea. Then the new editor of the newspaper offered Lois a job if she could write a good story about her spaceship. Although Lois wrote her story, but had no photograph to accompany it, so Grant declared that he would not publish it, but would still hire her at the Daily Planet.

Lois became Grant's ingenue, getting sent on prestigious and exciting out-of-town assignments. However, she was still interested in proving Lex Luthor's role in the Reeves Dam project.

Against Grant's assignments, she chose to investigate the purchase of land close to the dam, authorized by someone with the initials "LL". She sneaked into LuthorCorp but was quickly caught and thrown out by Lex Luthor. Grant asked Lois to accompany him to a social function, but she turned him down. However, Lois and Grant became increasingly close.

Lois was casually visiting Grant in his office when they were suddenly interrupted by Lana, who had stolen evidence of Lex's projects and demanded they print the story. When Grant refused to do so, Lana assaulted him and Lois tried to fend her off but Lana threw her through a glass door, knocking her unconscious. After recovering at the hospital, Grant brought her flowers and tried to warn her off the Luthor story. Lois acknowledged their growing attraction, but she refused to back off.

Lois and Grant finally began a relationship while she continued to cover big stories for him. They were unwittingly seen making out by Chloe, who was furious that Lois would endanger her own career by having a relationship with Grant. She warned Lois to break up with Grant, and Lois attempted to do so, but ultimately, she and Grant agreed to continue their relationship but keep it a secret.

On Christmas, Lois was assigned to write an exposé on Lex but that same day at work, Lois received a call of a man that manipulated Lois into following out his orders to write an article about Lex projects by placing a bomb on Chloe and trapping her in a non-functioning elevator. The caller revealed himself to be Adrian Cross and told Lois he was a clone created by Lex. He directed her to enter the interview wired and armed, but she was unable to force a confession out of Lex before he knocked her unconscious. As a result, Lois missed the revelation that Grant Gabriel was a clone of Lex's dead infant brother. Later, Gabriel visited Lois at her home. Sure she was going to be fired. Lois want to continue dating, but Gabriel suggest that it was a bad idea for them to work and date at the same places, Gabriel decide to broke up with Lois.

Shortly afterward, Lois discovered Oliver had returned to Metropolis and went to the Queen Tower to confront him. They were attacked by a female vigilante hired by Lex to kidnap Green Arrow and then Lois learned that Oliver was Green Arrow. When Clark and Chloe rescued her, she tried to keep Oliver's identity a secret but was surprised to find out that they already knew. Before he left town again, Oliver asked if they might try to make it work, but Lois was unwilling. She later tearfully confessed to Clark that she loved him, but would not be able to handle his greater cause and would always resent being left behind. Clark offered his support and they exchanged a solemn hug.

Lois followed Lex when he managed to track Kara down to Detroit, Michigan. Lois and Kara were later held captive by the psychotic busboy Finley, but escaped and (unknowingly) were saved by Clark.

Lois started researching about the death of Patricia Swann, with Jimmy Olsen as her sidekick. The two later went undercover as janitors to see how Lionel Luthor was involved. Lois and Jimmy later discovered that Lionel went to see Lana at the Isis Foundation, and they learned that Lex was behind the murder of Patricia, not Lionel.

As Clark and Chloe were working on a search for Brainiac, Lois rushed in to inform the two about Lionel Luthor committed suicide by jumping from his office window. Lois and Jimmy found a picture of Lionel being pushed from his office window. When they went to go to the Isis Foundation, they were caught by Lex’s assistant and held at gunpoint by her. Lois was shot for trying to stop her, and was placed in a freezer with Jimmy to make sure they don't expose Lex for murdering his father. Clark used his heat vision to keep them warm to prevent them from dying of hypothermia.

After Lana went in catatonic state, Lois tried to support Clark and help him with Lana's condition as he helped her when she had to break things off with Oliver.

Lois suggested Clark apply for an internship at the Daily Planet, saying that he's meant for more than farm work. He refuses the offer and tells her that he can never work for Lex Luthor. Then she asked him about his and Lex’s past friendship and how that lasted for so long because they had nothing in common with one another, but Clark just said that sometimes people don't turn out to be who you expect.

Lois then began digging into Lex's excursions to the Arctic Circle, but Jimmy was set up by Lex to throw her off the track. She believed Jimmy, but was still skeptical about Lex's activities. Lois arrived at the Kent house just as Clark finished viewing a break-up video left for him by Lana Lang. She offered support by giving a devastated Clark a comforting hug.

Season 8

Lois snuck into the Luthor Mansion, dressed as a maid, looking for evidence of her cousin's disappearance, but was immediately recognized by Lex's assistant, Tess Mercer, but not before stealing a thumb drive containing possible information about Chloe. She learned that Chloe was being held in a secret base in Montana and set about finding her. She unexpectedly ran into Clark Kent, who was present with Oliver Queen, also on a mission to save Chloe. They located Chloe, but Lois was tasered unconscious. Back at work, she was working late when Clark unexpectedly arrived to tell her that he had taken her advice and decided to get a job at the Daily Planet.

On Clark´s first day at the Planet, Lois helped him by telling him to change his clothes in a phone booth and giving him tips on how to impress their new boss. Later she helped Clark investigate a bus crash outside the Planet building and used her own resources to gain information. Together they discovered that Bette Sans Souci was the meteor freak that caused the bus to explode. Soon after, Lois wrote the story, earning herself a front-page headline.

When Oliver falls poisoned, Tess told Lois to cover the story on Oliver and put in doubt her professionalism. Lois helped Davis Bloome to cure Oliver and told Davis to do whatever it takes to keep him alive. The situation make Lois wondered if she made the right decision to break up with Oliver and later decided not to do the story about him because of his near death experience and her feelings for him.

Lois decided to team up with Clark on a story about a man who died of extremely high hormone levels. She was shocked to find Clark under a spell and making out with a strange redhead woman in the elevator. When Clark sees Lois he is able to break the spell, Clark tries to explain to Lois, who is angry at his behavior. Maxima then tried to kill Lois, and tells Lois that Clark would never have be able to break away from her, if it wasn't for his attraction to Lois. Clark speeds Maxima away just before she hurts Lois. Later, Clark has a discussion about soul mates with Lois, fearing that maybe she is right in front of him and he's too blind to see it, but Lois assures Clark that when he meets the right girl he will know.

At Chloe and Jimmy's engagement party, Lois got drunk and felt embarrassed, after making a bad toast about Jimmy and Chloe, ending with hung-over at the Kent Farm. After learning that Chloe and Jimmy never returned home the night before, Lois and Clark then teamed up to find them and she suggested that they pose as an engaged couple to attract the kidnapper. Her plan was successful and she ended up being kidnapped by a psychotic jeweler and was forced to admit her feelings for Clark, in order to save him from electric shock. After Clark saved a clearly embarrassed Lois, she attempted to avoid Clark and claimed she removed the sensor and lied about her feelings.

When Jimmy approached Lois about his developing story on a mysterious savior in Metropolis, Lois was skeptical until she was saved by the savior twice after being trapped in the middle of Tess's search for the Crystal of Knowledge. Lois declared that she would find the identity of the hero as well as have the first interview with the world wide hero.

Lois decided to take up Clark´s offer to move into the Kent Farm, but they were sucked into the Phantom Zone together due to the Crystal of Knowledge. Clark was able to send Lois back with the help of Kara, however Lois became possessed by Faora, who used Lois' body to locate her son. Clark and Kara vanquish Faora from Lois's body and she thought she had hallucinated the entire experience. After Tess gave her a raise at work, Lois changed her mind about living at the Kent Farm after all.

The day of Chloe and Jimmy's wedding, Lois, as the Maid of Honor, was responsible for coordinating the wedding at Clark's farm. When Jimmy suggested Clark might be interested in her, Lois denied they had an attraction. During the wedding, Clark offered Lois a dance and they almost kiss, but were interrupted by Lana Lang's sudden arrival. Lois was upset and disappointed, and later when Chloe's wedding was interrupted by a horrible monster, Lois accompanied a gravely-injured Jimmy Olsen to Star City while he received treatment. She told Clark she would stay there until she heard from Chloe again.

Lois stays about a month in Star City with Jimmy. During this time, Chloe mentioned to Clark that she knows that Lois has feelings for him and that Clark shouldn't hurt her. Lois only returns after Lana has already left.

When Clark meets Linda Lake, she threatened to tell the world his secret. Clark decided to tell Lois his secret and have her write his story first. Things quickly went from bad to worse. After Clark is wanted by the government, he decided to rewrite time with the Legion ring. Lois is upset because she knows he would not tell her his secret again, Clark reassured her it is because she is special and he wanted to protect her.

After Clark rewrites time he picked Lois up from the airport, Lois told him to meet with her to talk about their kiss. Despite Clark showing up he sent her a text message saying he was held up and couldn't make it. Lois clearly disappointed, texted back saying that she couldn't make it there either.

On Chloe's birthday, Lois was assigned to go to Mexico, and while there, Chloe became Lois for one day due to a spell. After Lois returned, she questioned Clark on when he realized Chloe wasn't her and wanted to see the framed copies of her rules that Chloe told her about.

After Lois realized that her journalistic achievements were not advancing, she assumed that an interview or a story about

a superhero could relaunch her career and decided to invent her own super-heroine Stiletto. When she started to patrol Metropolis in hopes of befriending the Red Blue Blur, Clark discovered and unmasked her and the advised her that she did not need to make up false stories to be a good journalist. After Lois as Stiletto saved Clark and Jimmy, she received a message from the Red Blue Blur asking to finally talk at a phone booth. At night, Lois was excited to talk with her hero and when she finally did, she told him that she wanted be his friend and suggest a new super-hero name for him. Clark told her that when he was ready to tell the world who he really was, she'd be the first to know.

Several weeks later, Lois was stubborn in finding Chloe after she disappeared and when the Red Blue Blur contacted her to publish his goodbye letter to the citizens of Metropolis, she requested that they meet each other at least once, by the phone booth at midnight. Lois broke into Tess' office to use her computer but found it encrypted. With Jimmy's help, they tracked Chloe and Davis and when Jimmy left to go get them, Lois continued looking through the computer and unearthed a video in Tess' files of Tess torturing Regan Matthews about an Orb that was alien tech and could potentially destroy all of mankind.

When she left Tess' office to go find Chloe, Tess confronted Lois and accused her of stealing the orb from her. Tess stopped her from leaving and attacked her. Lois fought back and in middle of the struggle, Lois found the Legion ring on the floor after knocking over Clark's things and when she picked it up, it was activated and transported her one year into the future.

Season 9

After three weeks of being missing, Lois returned to Metropolis and was followed by an assassin. Being unable to contact the Blur, Lois went in search of her other hero, Green Arrow, and found him at an illegal fight club, where she pleaded with him for help. When the assassin tracked Lois down to the fight club, Oliver protected Lois while Clark dealt with the Kryptonian assassin. Lois received a phone call from the Blur, during which he asked her to keep his existence a secret. That night Lois had a vivid dream of the future.

After Lois began searching for Clark, Chloe suggested that Lois missed him, Lois insisted that she only wanted Clark back as she didn't like her new partner, John Corben, who disliked the Blur. When The Blur asked for her help to track down a man, Lois was excited but when she realized that John Corben was the man, John kidnapped her. The Blur rescued Lois and she begged him to reveal his face but he supersped away. Lois was finally reunited with Clark and Lois immediately hugged him, making it obvious that she missed him very much.

Lois accompanied Clark to interview Tess who had been attacked by rabid zombies. They discovered that she had been infected with the zombie virus along with the staff at the Daily Planet. Clark and Lois fought the zombies off but Lois was bitten during the struggle, and when she fell asleep, the virus took over her. A zombified Lois attacked Clark but he held her firmly until the antidote that was administered into the sky came down as rain and cure her, Clark and Lois share a tender embrace in the rain.

Due to Clark's telepathic ability, Lois became very impressed with the fact that she felt that the two of them were on the same "wavelength." Clark and Lois made plans to attend a Monster Truck Rally, and Lois felt that this could be the beginning of a great relationship between the two, as she expressed to Chloe.

Lois was concerned for Oliver once she heard about his suicide attempt and investigated his disappearance, which led her to Victoria Sinclair. When Victoria claimed that Oliver's car belonged to her, Lois and Victoria ended up in a fight until Victoria drew a gun. Lois remained Victoria's hostage until Oliver rescued her.

Oliver eventually confessed his feelings for Lois during a televised blind date. During Lois' short-lived television career believing that she needed a back up for her career as a journalist, and was employed with Clark for a morning TV show. Which set their first report on blind dating. Lois was shocked when Oliver was her blind date and she took him away from the cameras to say she only love him as a friend, as Clark was the man for her. Clark eventually made his move and Lois and Clark shared their first real kiss, after he saved her and Oliver from Mia Dearden's boss and they were let go from their television job.

Lois left Metropolis to reflect on the possibility of pursuing a relationship with Clark. She remained distracted by her vivid vision of her and Clark and she went to a therapist to discuss it.

During a phone call with the Blur, a phone glitch revealed the voice of Clark Kent, much to Lois' shock. After discovering the Blur's identity, Lois defended him against the crooked District Attorney who was using a series of super blunders caused by The Wonder Twins to discredit the Blur. However, this put Lois in the District Attorney's crosshairs and he tried to kill her. To redeem themselves, The Wonder Twins saved Lois and disproved her theory that Clark was the Blur.

As Lois decided to pursue a relationship with Clark, she kissed him but then had flashes of her recurring dream, causing her to collapse. Lois was taken to the hospital but Tess kidnapped her in order to study her memories of the weeks she was missing. Clark was able to rescue Lois and she left the hospital believing she had a blood sugar issue. Clark then made a proposal to be a couple, at first Lois hesitated because of her past relationships, but finally agreed.

Lois was attacked by the Dark Archer, whom she assumed to be Oliver, and had an arrow shot through her shoulder. She was later taken to the Metropolis General where she was visited by Zod, who claimed to be a friend of Clark's. Zod gave her a Kryptonian trinket-charm, which Clark was surprised to see when she met him later. Clark ask Lois to stay away from Zod.

Lois received a package on her desk with a note saying: "The truth will set you free" and several photos of the members of Justice Society of America. This led Lois to the museum where she met Doctor Fate. He told Lois that he saw her fate fate, and she will need the "savior" and he will need her. Later, Amanda Waller admitted to Lois that she had sent the package, as she believed Lois was good at getting the truth. She handed her a cell-phone and said they'd be in touch.

Lois attended a comic book convention and saw Clark with Zatanna, ending with Zatanna trying to seduce Clark. Lois was not pleased, Clark admitted his mistake and apologized. Nevertheless, Lois still got even by kissing another man.

When Clark gained the power of persuasion from gemstone Kryptonite, Lois was convinced to have a traditional relationship with Clark and quit her job to fully dedicate her life to Clark. She told Clark that they were now engaged and she phoned everyone to tell them that she was getting married to Clark. But Chloe was not happy about this and Lois and Chloe got into a fight. She was returned to normal by kryptonite.

Bernard Chisholm went to Lois about the existence of the Kandorian aliens on Earth, however she feared that he was insane and had to inform the police. Before she could say anything, Chisholm kidnapped Lois to show her the truth of his claims. Lois tried to save Vala with help from Zod, but Chisholm stopped them. Lois managed to take a blood sample and had it sent to the lab for analysis but it was taken by Amanda Waller, the head of the agency, Checkmate.

Lois and Clark decided to go on a mysterious romantic getaway for the weekend only to discover that Chloe and Oliver were at the same bed and breakfast. While there the Silver Banshee escaped from the underworld and possessed the body of Chloe, who Lois caught trying to seduce Clark in the shower before Lois became the next host for Silver Banshee. A possessed Lois then tried to kill both Oliver and Clark, before the Silver Banshee was banished back to the underworld by Chloe. Upon returning home, Lois received a phone call from Zod masquerading as The Blur asking for help to secretly retrieve information about Tess, which Lois agreed to.

Soon after, Lois went undercover in one of Tess' secret labs and inadvertently discovered the whereabouts of John Corben, who saved her from an explosion. In return for saving her, Lois helped John to find kryptonite to recharge his weakened heart and tried to get him out of Metropolis, but they were intercepted by one of Tess' agents. Lois returned to the secret lab in the hope of finding Corben but instead met Tess and confronted her, but Chloe chloroformed her unconscious and took her away. John found Lois one last time and she took advantage to give him the Red kryptonite heart that she stole from Tess and made it clear she was in love with someone else.

Sometime later, Lois hoped to move things forward in her relationship with Clark by being more open about her secrets, but the new editor at the Daily Planet threw a spanner in the works when he forced Lois and Clark to fight for the same job. Lois investigated the early prison release of Ray Sacks by confronting Sacks but then was almost killed until the Blur rescued her. However, during the rescue someone took a photo of the Blur and Lois repaid the Blur by destroying the photo.

Lois' relationship with the Blur put a strain on her relationship with Clark especially when Clark realized that Zod had been impersonating the Blur. This also put Lois in danger, as Maxwell Lord kidnapped her to try to use his telepathy to get the Blur's identity from her mind, but she resisted his power. Lois then realized that she could never know the Blur's identity and the Blur ended his relationship with Lois.

When Martha Kent returned with Perry White, Lois was more than thrilled to see them both, as she was a fan of Perry's. Things became uncomfortable when Lois broke up with Clark at the dinner table, in front of both Perry and Martha. Lois and Perry worked together on a story about the Red Queen and tracked her down but Perry fell off the ladder and Lois was able to save him before Clark could. Perry repaid Lois by getting their jobs back at the Planet. Afterwards, a letter appeared claiming to be The Blur wanting to meet her face to face, despite his call ending their relationship.

A confused Lois went to a rooftop to meet the Blur and Zod convinced her that he was the actually Blur and called upon Lois for her help, telling her that Clark had been hiding secrets from her and that he wasn't who he said he was. Lois did as Zod asked and looked through Clark's things. She tried to make one last attempt to get him to open up, but when he refused, they shared an emotional goodbye.

Once she had the Book of Rao, she almost gave it to Zod until she realized he wasn't the Blur, which made Zod fly into a rage and he almost killed Lois, until Clark saved her. He then gave her a passionate kiss while hidden in the shadows and Lois came to the realization and amazement that the Blur and Clark were the same person.

Season 10

Lois was horrified to discover Clark’s lifeless body on the street and removed the blue kryptonite knife from his body enabling him to heal himself. She then investigated Clark's previous saves and arranged to meet Clark to discuss their relationship at the barn. While she was waiting in Clark's loft, the clone of Lex Luthor appeared and took her to Riley Field to be strung up as a scarecrow and burned alive, but Clark rescued her just in time. She then decided to take up Perry White's job offer and go to Africa, after realizing that she could be Clark's greatest weakness.

In Egypt, Lois met Carter Hall, who introduced her to ancient Egyptian mythology, which was referring to his history. After hearing the story, Lois thought that Clark was actually a Deity-like being and Carter admitted he knew Lois had found out about Clark’s abilities. Carter could see that Lois needed to be by Clark's side in order for him to fulfill his destiny and tried to convince Lois to return to Metropolis.

When Lois returned to Metropolis and immediately joined Clark’s side at a rally where Gordon Godfrey shared antagonistic views toward the superhero community, she and Clark saw how Kara saves the day before the public eye. Lois then made it her mission to protect heroes, such as Clark, Kara and Oliver. She followed Godfrey to Club Desaad and caught him in a compromising act at the gothic strip bar. However, the dark essence possessing Godfrey overpowered her and used Lois as bait to lure the Blur out of hiding, but Clark and Kara were able to save her.

As a way to cheer up Clark, Lois convinced Clark to attend their Smallville High Reunion. However, she was disappointed when the other attendees didn't remember her 23 days at the school and when Clark disappears while sitting next to her after he was crowned Homecoming King. She was approached by Greg Arkin afterwards, who told her how Clark changed his life for the better and when Clark returned from his trip through time, they didn't have time to dance at the reunion so Clark planned a romantic dance at the barn and as they danced, they confessed their love for each other.

Lois and Clark started to become nervous about each other after their proclamation of love, in large part because the secrets kept from each other. However when they finally talked, Clark admitted to her that he was the Blur and excited, Lois leapt up into his arms and admitted that she already knew it, which left Clark looking shocked.

Lois started to learn more about Clark's Kryptonian heritage and was upset when Clark becomes overprotective of her. After they found themselves trapped in a small village where the two learn more about each. Clark apologized for being overprotective and gave her his Kryptonian journal and tells Lois "I want you to know me completely, with no secrets, because you are the one, and you always will be". And the two consummate their love.

When the General and Lucy paid Lois and Clark unexpected visit for Thanksgiving, Lois tried to have a non-conflict celebration with her family and Clark. Unfortunately, her father's trial methods almost put a complete wedge between her relationship with Clark, her support of the Blur and her desire to finally be seen as loving, supportive daughter in her father's eyes. When Lois was almost killed by an explosion in the Talon apartment caused by the Suicide Squad and intended for Sam, Clark saved her. After the chaos ended, Lois finally got to spend quality time with Clark and her family for a heartwarming Thanksgiving dinner that she prepared.

Upon moving in with Clark on the Kent farm, Lois unpacked a box left behind by her father that her mother, Ella, had prepared for her before her death. Confronted by old memories, Lois was able to make peace with the ghosts of her past and as a way to help Clark, she try to mend the relationship between him and Jor-El. After she journeyed to the Fortress of Solitude and confronts Jor-El, Lois was able to show Clark a pre-recorded message made in the final moments of Krypton by Jor-El and Lara.

When Lois was assigned to cover the Vigilante Registration Act signing held at the Daily Planet, she was convinced that the VRA was nothing more than trap set for capturing heroes and made her findings about it. When Oliver informed her that he was going to be the first to sign the bill because Clark wanted to be the first to sing up, she was upset that Clark would consider such a course of action without telling her. After proving she was right in her suspicions and helped Clark's team of heroes to rescued Oliver, Clark brought her to the Watchtower, recognizing her as a very valuable member of the team.

Lois was summoned to Watchtower by Tess, in an attempt to keep her safe from Clark Luthor and there she fought along with Tess and Oliver aiming kryptonite-powered weapons to try to stop the evil doppelganger. After Clark Kent returned, he tried to convince them he was truly back but they were all skeptical until Clark turned to Lois and she could tell instantly that it was truly her Clark. She lowered her weapon and embraced Clark, relieved by his return.

Finally one night, Clark met Lois at their special phone booth where he showered her with white rose petals and then proposed to her, which she happily accepted. The next day, Lois and Clark were treated to a surprise engagement party that Tess hosted at Watchtower with the other League members. Later, due to her close relationship with the Blur, Lois became a prime target of Slade's VRA witchhunt and was subjected to extensive questioning, but Lois didn't divulge any useful information and managed to escape captivity to confront Slade, who then attempted to kill her. Lois was then saved by Hawkman, who heroically sacrificed himself to ensure her survival. Lois attended his funeral with Clark and the rest of the league in Egypt.

At Carter's funeral, Lois and the Justice League were captured by the VRA. Three weeks later, Lois was at the Kent Farm, trying to find out what had happened to Clark, unaware that she had actually been placed in a virtual reality. After Chloe turned to Lois for help in making Clark believe in her again, she talks with Clark and the two broke free from the virtual world taking flight. Later in the real world Lois invited Chloe to be the her bridesmaid at her wedding, to which Chloe happily agreed.

Although Lois continued her hero crusade by going door to door handing out papers rallying support for the citizens to vote to have the VRA repealed, she did not have much success in her mission. After she saw that Clark was beginning to lose hope in humanity, Lois received an inspirational idea from Martha about what she could do. With the aid from Chloe, Lois launched an online campaign for supporters to share their words of encouragement to the Blur and inspired Clark again. Finally, Lois and the rest of the gang watched as the VRA was repealed in a nationwide vote.

With the VRA repealed, Lois focused on planning her wedding but was surprised to see a video-feed of Clark, in his Blur form, with some features of his face seen even though he is in the shadows. She begins to worry about Clark's identity and recommends to him a new disguise. Finally Clark presents her a pair of glasses, and decides to wear them in an attempt to conceal his identity as a Superhero. Lois felt this could work but only if Clark would act differently when he wears them, thereby creating two separate identities.

The night of their bachelor/bachlorette parties, Lois, along with the rest of the gang unknowingly consume champagne send by Zatanna, causing them to act wild and intoxicated.The next day Lois discovered that she somehow lost her engagement ring. Lois learned that she gambled away her ring in a casino and was desperate to get it back. Upon getting the ring back, she apologized to Clark who reassured her that the ring wasn't nearly as important as she was to him. And if she was having second thoughts about their upcoming marriage, he will marry her when she was ready. late Lois and the party guests watch a video to find out what happen to them the night before, on the video Clark tells Lois she is the love of his life.

Lois helped Tess to stop Lionel and also discovered that Conner was both genetically a product of Clark and Lex. Although she was worried about him, Clark proved that he can handle the situation and help him.

For a few weeks, Lois had been working overtime, gearing up for the upcoming promotions opportunity that was approaching.

After Martha sent Lois and Clark the deed to the Kent Farm as an early wedding present, Lois struggled with the decision of selling the Farm and moving to Metropolis. She searched for an apartment in Metropolis and after discovering that Clark Luthor had returned and banished Clark Kent to his reality, she and Emil worked togather to bring Clark Kent back. After Clark Luthor was sent back to his own universe, Clark Kent admitted that he was holding on to things in order to protect them, but knew that they need to move to Metropolis. Lois reassured him that they were never going to lose each other, with or without the farm. Lois tell Clark that Smallville was her home, alluding to Clark.

While Lois competed with Cat for the available job promotion, she also attempted to help Clark make his character transition disguise as a reporter from super to average. When a glory hogging showboat named Booster Gold arrived in Metropolis and attempted to score an interview with Lois in order to rewrite history and gain the title of the "World's Greatest Superhero" but Lois bravely refused and make her own support for The Blur. Later Lois was promoted out of the Daily Planet bullpen basement after she got an exclusive interview with Booster Gold and Jaime Reyes.

As Lois and Clark were starting to move and unpack to their Metropolis apartment, they received a video call from Tess, alerting them that General Slade had returned from the Phantom Zone. After Clark and Oliver went to the Zone to investigate, Lois found out what was going on and discovered that Tess and Clark devised a plan to destroy the gateway to the Zone from the inside. Threatened with losing Clark forever, Lois threatened Tess with a gun to stop their plan from happening. After Clark returned, he went to their home in Metropolis, seeing Lois set everything up, she informed him that three weeks passed and that during that time she was patiently waiting for him to come home. She tells Clark that he should include her in his decisions if he loves her and Clark apologizes for what he has done. He then was shocked to learn that it will be only two days until their wedding.

As Clark took Lois to the Fortress for Jor-El to give them his blessing on their marriage, he accepted the union and transferred Clark’s Kryptonian powers into her for a day as a trial for both of them to understand each other lives. Thanks to this, Lois understood Clark more and how difficult it was to be in his shoes. With everything back to normal, Lois painfully told Clark she could not marry him and called off the wedding, to Clark's shock and disbelief. Despite this, Clark refused to give up on them and embraced her tenderly.

The next morning at the Daily Planet, Lois tried to avoid Clark, who was still very much determined to proceed with their wedding. Clark went so far as to tell her if she was really serious about going through with cancellation of the wedding, she would have to leave him standing at the altar.

Lois had a change of heart when Chloe intervened and informed her that when Clark do decide to embrace his abilities completely and take to the skies, he was going to need her to keep him grounded. Still unconvinced, Lois continued to believe she'll be too much of a distraction for Clark from his responsibilities to save the world. Chloe then decided to show Lois Clark's wedding vows, which finally open Lois' eyes, seeing how much Clark really loves her and that she truly was an integral and essential part of his life, Lois realized how wrong she has be.

Lois decided to get married after all and as she dressed, she was visited by Clark, who had also started to have doubts about the wedding. When Clark told her about his fear, Lois told him that although her family would not be present at the wedding, she had learned to walk alone in life and began to apologize for her behavior and to equate the situation, she slid her wedding vows under the door for him to read. After a long pause, Lois was nervous that Clark had left, Clark moved by Lois' words, assured her he's here, and would be waiting for her at the chapel.

The wedding finally took place, and Lois was overwhelmed by the situation, especially because of all the guests who were waiting for her. Although nervous, Lois tried to show courage and looked throughout the church for her future husband, but could not find him, until he took her by the hand and together they began to walk down the altar.

The wedding went smoothly, but at the moment when Lois was about to take the ring and place it on Clark's finger, Chloe noticed the ring glowing and threw it into the air. It was then revealed that Oliver was possessed by the darkness. Lois and Chloe tried to escape along with the others in the chapel, but when Clark was attacked by Oliver, Lois ran back to defend him and was launched into the air by Oliver. Clark saved her and once Oliver returned to normal, they began to investigate the arrival of Apokolips.

Lois and Clark headed to the Daily Planet to discover more about what was happening and try to find Tess, and then learned that most of the people there were marked with the Omega symbol and that was what attracted the planet to them. Lois encouraged Clark to find Tess and concluded that the mastermind of Tess’ kidnapping was Lionel Luthor and Clark went to the Luthor Mansion to find him. Before he left, Lois encouraged him to go save the world, they kiss passionately and reaffirm their love. Afterwards, when Lois learned that the government planned to blow up what they called an asteroid with a nuclear missile, she decided to try to stop them because millions of lives would die in the process and infiltrated the presidential flight.

Aboard the plane, Lois attempted to get past security to speak with the President and eventually managed to manipulate her way to the room with the Secretary. She warned him what the supposed meteor really was and that their plan would result in the deaths of millions of people. Realizing that they knew what they were doing, she told them that the heroes that they had tried to destroy could save them. They agreed to give the heroes a chance, but limiting the time to five minutes.

When the plane lost altitude due to Apokolips gravitational field, Clark arrived just in time as Superman to save it from crashing. He appeared to Lois, smiling and nodding to her, reassuring Lois that everything would be alright. Then, Lois took a camera and began to record and cover the story just as the President approached her.

In the future on October 15, 2017, Lois and Clark are an engaged couple who have long been promoted to a private office of their own on the 8th floor in the Daily Planet. Lois knows Clark's secret and everything there is to know about it, including the various types of kryptonite that affect him, his Kryptonian heritage, and the things he kept at the barn and Fortress of Solitude. She also is very affectionate with him, repeatedly calling him honey, reminding him about dressing properly and wearing his glasses, as well as man-handling him. Unknowingly, she had an encounter with the Clark Kent from the past and assumed he was the Clark of her time; when she mentions their anniversary Clark has a very hopeful look on his face, but it is soon clear that she means the anniversary of when Clark tells her about his secret.

Past Clark encounters his future counterpart who knew he was coming and instructs him to go to the roof; Lois was saved from a helicopter crash by the past Clark and knocked the pilot out when he was close to discovering his secret. Then she kissed the past Clark passionately and reminded him of dinner reservations for later that night.

In the future on May 13, 2018, Lois calls Chloe thanking her for lending her a blue ribbon that she needed as she approaches the office of Perry White. Jimmy Olsen stops her and tells her it was a bad idea, Lois tell Jimmy to get better pictures of Superman, she tells him that his brother left big shoes for him to fill, but she believes he can do it.

A bumbling Clark bumps into Lois and knocks her stuff out of her hands. She tells him that he can stop acting since no one around is paying attention to them. Lois asked Clark if he has their wedding rings, he displays them to her with immense affection and anticipation. Lois asked Clark if he is ready, Clark replies by saying he has been ready for 7 years, for them to have another official wedding ceremony. Just then they are alerted to the fact that a bomb has been found in an elevator uptown. Clark mentions he'll be a few minutes late to the ceremony,Lois says she'll be waiting for him and she encourages him to go off and save the day, as he heads towards the roof.



  • Lois' actress, Erica Durance, was nominated for two Saturn Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for her performance.


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