Lois Lane is the deuteragonist of Superman Returns. She is a reporter of the Daily Planet and Superman's love interest and Richard White's girlfriend and Jason White's mother.

Superman Returns

Lois Lane has to deal with the return of Superman, her former love, after five years of absence. She has already left behind their relationship, even earning a Pulitzer Prize with her Why the World Doesn't Need Superman article, she is also engaged to marry Richard White, Perry White's nephew, and she has begotten a child, Jason, whose age matches her last meeting with Superman.

First Clark Kent returned to the Daily Planet. Then, Lex Luthor's mysterious massive blackout happened, during which Lois Lane was rescued by Superman, from an affected Space Shuttle. However, back in The Daily Planet Lois comments to Richard that she has never loved Superman actually while a touched Clark overhears it. Under Perry White's orders, Lois Lane has to interview Superman. This ensues in a romantic flight over the river during the night. Superman asks for Lois' forgiveness after he had abandoned her for so much time.

Then, Lois Lane investigates the recent events and she is captured by Luthor, along with Jason, in his yacht. The child seems affected by kryptonite and he features a strange super force hurling a great piano at one of the villain's henchmen. She faxes the coordinates of Luthor's kryptonite fortress to the newspaper. They are imprisoned into a kitchen and the boat sinks. Superman intervenes again, rescuing them, just in time, so all get into an aquaplane which was piloted by her husband-to-be Richard . After Superman faced Luthor in his mass land of kryptonite, Lois Lane helps rescuing him over the ocean. She removes the kryptonite dagger with which Luthor has stabbed him. Nonetheless, Superman defeats Luthor, disposing his continent, and Lois Lane visits him to the hospital with Jason, whispering a secret, likely about Jason at Superman's ear. Afterwards, Superman visits their home during the night, secretively meeting both Jason, to whom he repeats some words of Jor-El (Superman's biological father), and Lois Lane. She is told that Superman has returned now to stay around.


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