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NOTE: This page is about the Space Jam version of Lola Bunny. The other versions can be seen here.

Don't ever call me "doll".
~ Lola Bunny

Lola Bunny is a major character from the Space Jam movies. She is the tritagonist of Space Jam and a major character of its 2021 sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy.

In the first movie, she was voiced by Kath Soucie, and in the second one, she was voiced by Zendaya. Unlike other versions, this version is more heroic.


In the first film, Lola was less heroic. While she was a team player and a morale booster, she was also somewhat arrogant and prone to other anti-heroic qualities such as using her sexuality to her advantage. She also was not fond of Bugs at first, dismissing him as a wannabe lover. After being saved from being crushed by Bugs, she took a liking to him.

This lead her to become much more empathetic and instilled a sense of justice in her. This led her to travel the WB universe and arrive at Themyscira to train to be an Amazon. While initially hesitant to return to Basketball, she quickly changed her mind once she found out that James's son was in danger, which led to her passing her final test to be an Amazon, and her rejoining the team.

She became an even bigger morale booster, and even tried to stop Bugs from sacrificing himself to defeat Al, showing that she cared about him as much as he did for her.


Space Jam

Lola first appears to try out for the the Tune Squad in order to save the Looney Tunes from slavery on Moron Mountain by winning a Basketball game against the Nerdlucks, who had stolen the talent from the NBA Players to become the Monstars. Hoping to find hope, the Toons had brought Michael Jordan in from the Human world. Bugs quickly finds her attractive and after a embarrassingly amusing introduction, he offers to play one on one, but also calls her “doll” much to Lola’s annoyance. She easily outmaneuvers Bugs, showing her talent, then told him to never call her “doll”. She’s quickly recruited to the team.

On night of the game, Lola is among the starting lineup for the Squad as a Forward. The initial game is a disaster for the toons. Despite Lola’s and Jordan’s talent, the rest of the toons are outclassed by the Monstars stolen talents.

During the halftime break, while Jordan tried to raise everyone’s spirits, Stanely Podolak, Jordan's trainer, enters the locker room scorched, and reveals that the Monstars had stolen NBA player talent. demoralizing team spirit. Jordan tried again to raise everyone’s spirits, but all but Lola and Bugs had lost hope.

Hoping to try a more cartoonish attempt at raising everyone’s spirits, Bugs tries to convince the other toons that water was a “secret stuff” that would make them better players. With the squad’s confidence renewed, they turned the tide using their toon reality manipulation abilities. During one incident where Sylvester removes an opposing players shorts, Lola taunted him by saying “Nice butt!”

After raising their score to 66 in the 4th and final phase of the game, the Monstars boss, Mr. Swackhammer called a timeout. He announced a change in plans. He was no longer interested in the Toons, he wanted Jordon. Sensing a challenge, Jordan suggested that the stakes be raised.

If the Toons win, the Monstars return the stolen talent. If the Monstars win, they would get Jordan. Swackhammer agreed to the deal, and orders the Monstars to “Crush 'em”.

The Monstars proceed to block every offensive move of the Squad, and even injure some of the Toons. Lola was almost injured herself, but Bugs saved her by shoving her out of range. After this, Lola showed genuine fear and concern for Bugs, who had just been crushed himself. She asked him if he was pk, and Bugs, despite being dazed, replied that he was. When he asked if she was alright, she smiled and thanked him. Despite a rocky start, Lola took a liking to Bugs in that moment and tells him that this was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her, then she kisses him.

After Podolak gets crushed after joining the team, the Toons are down a player. Unless the Toons found a 5th player quickly the game would be forfeit, and then Bill Murray shows up to play.. With only 10 seconds, left, they have to get the ball to Jordan. Lola was one of the players who was involved in the toss combo to get it to him, who then won the game using the Looney Toon worlds toon reality rules (that apply to EVERYONE currently residing there), 78-77.

Lola and Bugs hugged each other in celebration. After the Monstars finally had enough of Swackhammer, shoved him into a rocket and sent him flying, and returned the stolen talents turning back to normal, Lola did appear to show empathy for them, despite trying to enslave her and the other toons. After Jordan left, she kissed Bugs again.

Space Jam a New Legacy

At some point after that, the WB A.I., Al-G-Rhythm came to the Looney Tunes world and through his manipulations, Lola and all other Toons, save for Bugs, left the Looney Tunes world, as Al saw the Toons as a threat. Lola traveled throughout the WB multiverse/serververse and at some point, decided to give up Basketball in favor of fighting evil and spreading peace. This lead to her traveling to the DC Comic Universe, and the Island of Themyscira to be trained as an Amazon.

After years of training, she was ready for the final trial, a dangerous obstacle course that she had to complete before time runs out. Unfortunately, Bugs had just arrived with LeBron James to recruit her for the reassembled Toon Squad to play a basketball game against Al. As she went through the course, Bugs tried to convince her, but Lola insisted that she was busy and that she put Basketball behind her. But Bugs and James became trapped in the final obstacle, a lava pit and hung for dear life. As Lola was about to reach the finish line, she heard James say that they were trying to reassemble the team to save his son, Dominic. Lola immediately stopped out of concern for the life of Dom, Bugs and James. Bugs called for help, the clock was about to run out… and Lola saved them with the Lasso of Truth just as time ran out.

Expecting that she failed the test, Lola admitted failure to Wonder Woman herself. But Diana revealed that this was not a test of skill, but a test of character and heart. And the fact that Lola chose to help a stranger who was trying to save his son, knowing that it would cost her the test, showed that she passed, and was worthy to be an Amazon and fight for justice. She then gave Lola her first Amazon mission, to defeat Al in the game, and save James son, which she accepted without any doubt or hesitation.

She reunited with the other toons on Marvin the Martian’s ship, and helped James in retraining the team in the sport as they had fallen out of practice. The toons quickly relearned the ropes, but they still used their reality manipulation abilities in conjunction with their own talent, much to James’s ire as he took the sport too seriously.

As the ship returned to the Looney Tunes world, Lola noticed that James was signing his family’s names on his shoes. When she asked about it, James said that this was for Dom. Noticing his parental fear, Lola promised James that his son would be rescued. As the training resumed at the, James revealed that despite his care for his son, he still had a control freak attitude about the game, causing her to worry for the upcoming game and thinking that James was being too hard on everyone. Then she noticed the time until the game was up and wanted the others.

Al arrived and wrecked havoc on the toon world, turning into a more CGI looking world, and placed a new court into the world where the game would be played. Al then turned the turns into CGI characters, including Lola, calling it “an upgrade”, and James back into a live action human. Seeing themselves as being turned into monstrosities, Bugs dropped his normal attitude and told Al, “This mean war.”

Al then filled the audience with other WB characters and humans that he has kidnapped from the human world, including James’s family. Al then proclaimed that if the Toons won, everyone would get home. If not, they would all be trapped and the Toons would be erased. The opposing team, the Goon Squad was then revealed, with Dom among them, now spiteful of his father due to Al’s manipulation.

Lola was once again, one the starting team and like the last game, the initial half was a disaster for the Toons due to the fact that this game used rules from Dom’s own fantasy themed basketball game where if players do more styles and collect more power ups, scores could be worth more then 2 points. Lola did help James score at least one point, but still they were woefully behind. Even Lola was forced to admit this. The halftime score was 1039-37.

In the break room, Lola tried to raise everyone’s spirits and implored them to never give up. Daffy admitted they needed a miracle, and Sylvester revealed that Michael Jordan had returned to help, except that it instead turned out to be Michael B. Jordan, the movie actor, much to everyone’s frustration. Lola continued her pep talk, saying that Toons never give up and have never been defeated. The other Toons started accusing James of being a bad coach and a bad father for the way he treated Dom. James in turn, began accusing them of being bad at the game. Lola immediately stepped in and defended her allies and said they were trying. When James asked them what they WERE trying, her reply was “To be like you.”

That caused James to realize that he had been treated the toons the way he treated his son, and finally realized that he should be a better player and father, and let the Toons and Dom be themselves. With this, he suggested that the Toons use their own methods to play the game. In the second half, the Toons began to turn the tide via their reality manipulation abilities in conjunction with game power ups. Soon the audience began to cheer them on. Lola and James even executed a combo that put the Toons in the lead.

During the 3rd-4th break and start of the 4th and final stage, Dom quit the Goon Squad as Al was mistreating him and the other Goons, while James and the Toons were starting to have fun. He reconciled with his father who apologized for being too hard on him. Lola nearly cried at this. Enraged at this, Al took Dom’s place and used his own power to take away the Toons reality manipulation power, undoing a point Lola had scored, and regained the lead for the Goons.

Without their powers, the Toons called a timeout and discussed how to counteract this cheating. Dom then explained that the game suffered a glitch. If a certain combo was performed, the game would suffer a bug that would cause Al to lose his power, but whoever did this, would die. Foghorn Leghorn suggested that they draw straws to decide, but Lola insisted that they try to find another way. James however, volunteered to do the glitch combo. Lola and the others implored James not to, but he refused.

With only 10 seconds, Lola reluctantly tried to throw the ball to James, only for Bugs to intercept and execute the combo. Lola rushed to save him, but was too late. The game crashed and James won the game by intercepting the shot and making the final point. 1042-1041. The humans returned home, the toons were turned back to normal but while most celebrated, Lola went to Bugs… who was dying. Soon, the other toons noticed Bugs. As Lola held Bugs in her arms, she told him that that was the least Looney thing he ever did. Lola then said goodbye to James who returned to the human world with Dom and the Looney Tunes world returned to normal. As he died, Bugs told everyone that he was happy they were all together again. Lola begged Bugs not to leave her, but Bugs replied with “That’s all folks.” He died in Lola’s arms and faded into light.

And yet, somehow… Bugs later returned to life for some unknown reason, though he claimed it was because he can survive anything, being a Toon. He and the other Toons also were somehow transported to the human world where they were forced to bunk with the James’s until they could find a way back to the Toon World. The credits show Lola driving with the other toons and playing tennis.


  • Lola's female design was toned down in the second film and so was her flirtatious personality. Fans had mixed reviews about this, as some were upset that she had been "desexualized" and had somewhat diverged from her original appearance, while others were more accepting and praised the change since Lola was depicted less of a trophy girl and showed more aspects of her personality.

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