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Hero Overview

~ Lola Loud.
Learn to take a compliment, sweetie.
~ Filing her nails and saying.

Lola Loud is one of the ten deuteragonists and on of the three anti-heroes of The Loud House.

Personality and Bio

Lola is the third youngest child of her family. She is 6 years old, and is the twin sister of Lana, who is also 6. She is vain, conceited and bratty, and dresses and acts like a princess, in contrast to her tomboy sister. She frequently enters beauty pageants, and has won several of them. Lola has a VERY bad temper, and can be extremely vindictive when she feels that someone has wronged her, meaning if she gets crossed, watch out! Her most annoying habit is looking in the mirror.

Lola is opposite to Lana in many ways, except:

  1. Both sisters love spiders
  2. Both enjoy food fights
  3. Both dislike "Princess Pony"
  4. Like all the siblings, both favor the "Burpin' Burger" Restaurant
  5. They both joined the Bluebell Scouts. (Though Lana has a set of short trousers rather than a skirt.)

She help Lincoln in the episode "Along Came a Sister" with Lana tiding up the Exterminator who came to kill Frank the spider.

Lola appears as an antagonist in "A Tattler's Tale".

Names in Other Languages

Lola keeps her name worldwide.

Language Name Etymology and Meaning
Latin Lōla, Lōlatis Nominative borrowed from English name.
Spanish Lola Láude

Genitive: Loles Laúdius

The surname is a transliteration of the English Loud.
Portuguese A Dolores Láudis

Genitive: Les Doloreios Laúdius

Dolores comes from the Spanish El Dolor (pain) (or possibly French La Doleur considering the name's gender. Láudis comes from the English name.
Italian Lóla Láude

Genitive: Lóles Laúdius

From her English name.


  • Lola is reminiscent of Angelica Pickles from Rugrats.
  • Her mirror/genderswap counterpart is named Lexx. He has a royal flair like she does, but his personality is more abrasive in his debut compared to hers. He dresses like a prince, and he was originally supposed to carry a golden scepter.
  • She mostly appeared as an anti-hero or an occasional antagonist.
  • Her song's title in Really Loud Music is Glam Song. It is in the key of B major, and its genre is Show Tune. It starts off at about 165 beats per minute and slows down to about 120.
  • She is the main antagonist in some episodes such as Sound of Silence, A Tattler's Tale, and Read Aloud.
  • Despite being an antagonist or an anti-hero, She acts like a protagonist in Patching Things Up, Out of the Picture, Gown and Out, Tea Tale Heart and Community Disservice.

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