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Lolo is a heroine in the Klonoa video game series, originally appearing in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. She is a priestess in-training and Klonoa's love interest.

She was voiced by the late Tomoko Kawakami, who also voiced May Lee in The King of Fighters series.


She has the closest appearance to a human with her attribute is that she has a tail. She is about the same age as Klonoa, standing near him in height.

During Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol, she looks older and her appearance hasn't changed much but she is still the same height as Klonoa.


Lolo is a stubborn and clumsy little girl, but she has a kind heart.

As she was constantly mocked for not becoming a priestess, she is not very confident in her abilities. However, she will get over this and helped Klonoa save a city from destruction. In fact, Lolo sometimes will take action when the situation is very urgent. This is best seen when she took charge to hold off the Nighty Knights.

Although she is kidnapped by Garlen and the most villains for many times, with Klonoa having to come and saved her from any harm, Lolo is considered not to be helpless and it is said that there is a willingness to ambition.

She always has a soft spot for Klonoa, who she is hinted to have feelings for. Indeed, they have been noted to have similar traits. Lolo will also get shy when accused of liking Klonoa and attempt to hide her feelings.


Lolo is a trained priestess, she has not been a priestess and ridiculed by her comrade priestess. Lolo is insisted by her teacher, The High Priestess who often encourages her to continue her efforts. After years later, she eventually meet a dog named Popka. When Lolo gave him a scarf, stating even if he is independent it would make him a little comfortable, because he proudly told her to use it and later become her loyal friend.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Lolo and Popka were directed to find the Dream Traveler at the sea of tears and save him from drowning. When Klonoa wakes, the two direct him towards an island which houses a bell, which Lolo must ring to become a full priestess. With Klonoa's help, the group make their way to the bell and Lolo thinks she managed to ring it, when it was Klonoa.

Lolo and Popka take Klonoa to visit Baguji, a wise prophet. He explains that the four Kingdoms of Lunatea each house a bell, which maintain harmony throughout Lunatea. However, a fifth bell which does not belong to any of the kingdoms has appeared. This fifth bell has begun to spread chaos across Lunatea. He then instructs them to visit The High Priestess. The High Priestess promotes Lolo to Priestess and orders Lolo to visit and gather the power from each bell in order to contain the evil. The three then set off to visit each bell.

During their journey, the group is often stalked and attacked by Leorina and Tat, who desire the power of the bells for their own purposes. While getting the elements, Lolo is shown to have feelings for Klonoa, something she shyly tries to hide. Her history is also revealed along with her past mockery. Lolo will also reveal her ascension to Priestess is due to Klonoa and apologizes for using him.

Leorina gets cursed by sorrow, but decides to help Klonoa after he saves her. With the power of the elements, Klonoa opens the gate to the Kingdom of Sorrow, where it's revealed that the King of Sorrow is the one who summoned Klonoa. In the end however, the king decides to use Klonoa as a vessel for the pain he suffered in isolation, and is killed in the battle with Klonoa.

Before he died, Klonoa promised the King of Sorrow that the world would remember sorrow, saying they've come too far to give up. Klonoa rings the bell, and the king turns to light and fades away.

At the end, Klonoa talks with Lolo about the events after the adventure and wishes her luck on regaining the title of priestess when learning she gave it up to regain it on her own. He then decides its time to go home, as Lolo is disappointed but tells him it'll be okay because he taught her it's okay to cry sometimes, and that she'll work hard to be a priestess again. She breaks down in tears as she clings to him, Klonoa tells her that even though he doesn't belong in her world, they'll always be together. Wiping her tears, she calms down and smiles at him. With a final thank you, he walks away and disappears to other worlds where dreams are in danger.

Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament

Lolo and Popka were on an errand before they were teleported to the tournament and saw others joined too. They soon spotted Klonoa and caught up with him. They also befriended his old friend Chipple, only to learn that they are taking part in the competition as well though he wishes them well.

Prior to the start of the tournament, she assures Klonoa that she has gotten much stronger and is eager to prove it. Surely enough, she advances along with Popka. In the breaks, she is praised by Klonoa for her efforts.

During her match against Gantz, Lolo is defeated by the bounty hunter, to Klonoa's dismay. He is further enraged to see Lolo being displayed while held hostage and the next to be turned into a gear. Realizing Garlen held the tournament only to acquire gears to his planned Mechanical Empire, Klonoa is driven further to rescue his captive friend. He beats Gantz (who didn't care for what was happening) and demanded Garlen keep his promises of freeing Lolo.

Unfortunately, Garlen double-crosses Klonoa and threatens to make the main gear however, Gantz redeems himself and Klonoa is able to go after Garlen who uses a giant mech to battle him. Despite this, Klonoa is still able to defeat Garlen.

As the Garlen's castle is destroyed, Klonoa saves Lolo and carries his weakened friend who he asks is okay. Overjoyed, she only responds by thanking him for the rescue before they see everyone else back to normal. Garlen is arrested by Suiryu who detective investigating him while Gantz makes off with the money while Klonoa is given the trophy.

Lolo is present with the other contestants as Klonoa is named Champion of the Dream Champ Tournament by his friends.

Klonoa Heroes

Lolo realizes Klonoa is going to face danger, as he tells her that he has a present for her. However, she tells him after he returns that she'll take the present.

Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol

Lolo witnesses the invasion of Nighty Knights. When the High Priestess tells her to escape, she refused to leave her side and sends Popka to find help.

Sometime later, she is found being held captive by Nightmare Klonoa who was masquerading as the real Klonoa and attempting to break her spirits. When Popka approached her, Lolo tried to get him to leave but he refused, stating he and Klonoa are here to save her. She refused to believe this, as she told him Klonoa left and will never return. However, Popka pointed out the real Klonoa who was battling his evil self for her sake. Lolo burst into tears of joy at seeing him again.


  • Much like Klonoa, she is hardly seen without her hat, only on rare occasions.
  • Popka, Tat, Balue, Pango, and Guntz all seem to notice her crush on Klonoa and remark on their worry for each other.