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Hero Overview

Lonette is the tritagonist in the 1992 film Cool World. She is a doodle waitress and Frank's love interest. She is a rival of Holli Would, but unlike Holli who is evil, Lonette is kind of sweet. She has black hair in a ponytail, red lipstick and wears a red dress with a pink stripe on it. Lonette first meets Frank when he was still a live action character of the real world and they fall in love, though they can't be steady because of the Cool World law. She When Frank is killed by Holli, he is reborn as a doodle of Cool World. In the end, she and Frank finally become a couple; much to Lonette's joy and happiness. She was voiced by Candi Milo.


Lonette is sweet, kind, supportive and compassionate as she wants to do what's best for others (especially Frank). She always have faith in Frank and believes they will be together as real couple when the time is right.


She is shown to have a similar appearance towards Holli Would in some physical and facial features. However, the differences between them is Lonette has black hair in a ponytail, red lipstick and wears a red dress with a pink stripe on it.



Frank Harris

During the years sometime after Frank is transported to Cool World, he meets the doodle Lonette. While not much information regarding the history of their relationship is revealed, Frank and Lonette met and fell in love. They're shown to have a very serious relationship and are very committed to each other--however, they're unable to consummate their relationship due to the Cool World law that a doodle and noid are not allowed to have sexual intercourse. Aside from the law, their relationship is slightly strained as Frank is constantly on the job and is often called away whenever they're out on dates together.

In order to mend his relationship with Lonette, Frank asks his partner Nails to take on more responsibility while he temporarily leaves his duties as a detective to spend more quality time with Lonette. Frank visits the resuturant where Lonette works and stops a doodle from harassing her and they begin to spend time together. However when Frank learns that Holli Would had sex with Jack Deebs and they've escaped to the real world, Frank has to return to the real world to find and stop them. Lonette, against Frank leaving, admits that she's worried that he'll want to stay in his original human world permanently and that she'll never see him again. However, Frank assures Lonette that, even though he's a human and she's a toon, he genuinely loves her and that he's planning on returning to Cool World no matter what so they can still be together.


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