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Hero Overview

Long is a magical dragon who is one of the two protagonists in the 2021 animated film Wish Dragon.

He is voiced by John Cho, who also portrayed as Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar films, and Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek reboot film series. In the Mandarin dub, he is voiced by Jackie Chan who also voiced as Monkey in the Kung Fu Panda movies.


Long appears as an Asian dragon with fine fur colored in a few different shades of pink, blue eyes, a purple mane, mustache, goatee and tuft at the end of his tail, small antlers, and a pair of arms and legs while the rest of his body is serpentine.

In human form, Long appears as a middle-aged well-dressed imperial lord with golden and black apparel, retaining a face familiar to his dragon form.


In the first glance, Long displayed an conceited streak and tended to showing off his powers and apparent magnificence to Din Song, whom he immediately deemed as a "peasant boy", reflecting his past life as a human lord, and continues to act as some uppercrust noble while treating others as lower class.

Tasked by the Heavens to serve ten masters (and learn the true meaning of life and humility) before he may ascend to the Spirit World, Long is anxious and impatient to fulfill his obligation and encourages/pressures his masters to use their wishes quickly, and was especially eager for Din to use all his wishes since Din was his final master to serve.


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Powers & Abilities

  • Wish Granting: As he was tasked to serve ten masters by granting each of them three wishes, Long gained the power to grant wishes, which gave him a limited power to warp reality. However, his wishes could not include killing anyone, time-travel, and he couldn't make people fall in love with anyone else. As demonstrated when he first met Din, Long could conjure virtually any object, such as gold, carriages, animals, fine attire, he could change a person's form, such as giving them the "strength of a thousand men", the wings of a hawk, the body of a giraffe, and thanks to a wish Din made accidentally, Long revealed he can also give someone skills, such as the skill of a kung fu master (from Din nervously wishing he could fight while he felt his life was in danger). Din's second wish was "to be a princeling" but since Long misunderstood at first and couldn't give Din all he wanted regarding his actual wish Din amended it to having wealth and material possessions of a princeling for only 24 hours. During the mad fight over Long's teapot, Long granted Pockets' wish to turn whatever he touched into gold, the Short Goon's wish to be taller and the larger goon's wish to have enough puppies to open his own pet store, and finally he granted Din's last wish to save Lia Na's father.
  • Flight: As a dragon, Long can fly as well as float/levitate through the air apaprently purely by will alone as he doesn't use wings to fly but obviously magic.
  • Shapeshifting: Long demonstrated the ability to shapeshift, mostly changing his size from shrinking or growing, but he did show he can change his actual form, such as appearing human or as a dragon costume, and in one instance he showed he grow additional limbs when he told Din to 'stop' several times.


  • Long is reminiscent of Genie from the Disney film, Aladdin.


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