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Long Horses are a heroic Internet-Urban Legend creatures which has been originating from 2018.


Long Horses appear to be eyeless and noseless creatures, which appears to have a horse-skull for it's head. As it's neck appears to be infinitely long with main all over the neck. It also creates crack noises when bending it's neck.


Long Horse was established as a Legend, when a picture of the creature has been spreading over the internet since 24th August 2018, when a user published a picture showing Long Horse, with the description that the user had a dream of the horse beforehand.

Future on, another picture has been released of the creature, as the creature appears to be in the suburbs, and the uploader of the picture, named the creature the Long Horse. An ancient drawing has been founded, of the Long Horse, around three humans, and it the description it is quoted that there is more Long Horses out there, that they are indeed hostile species.    

Interestingly enough, the ancient drawing depicts that the Long Horses are their protectors. They are pure harmless, and it's goal is to warn humans of upcoming dangers. If a human hears a neck crack or sees a long skeleton neck creature, the message is that a natural disaster will occur. Not because of Long Horses, it's because of what will happen future on.    


  • They we're made by Trevor Henderson, which is known for making various bizarre creatures over the internet, which also created Cartoon Cat.
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