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"Hi, my name is Loopy!"

- Loopy introducing herself to the viewers.

Loopy is one of the main protagonists of Pororo the Little Penguin. She is one of the only two female members of the cast, the other being her best friend, Petty, who is also her former-rival.

She is voiced by Hong So-Yeong in the Korean version. In the English version, she was voiced by many different voice actors. She is voiced by Michelle Ruff in Season 1, Hannah Grace in Season 2, and Caelyn Shin in Season 3-Present.


Loopy is often shown to be Petty's polar opposite. While Petty is tomboyish, fast and nimble, Loopy is more feminine, slow and not very nimble. She hated Petty due to her jealousy at Petty, and the boys slowly falling in love with Petty, at first, but now she has a great relationship with Petty.

She is very good at cooking, and is also good at playing the piano.

She has a crush on Eddy and also admires Pororo the most. She always goes to Pororo's house and brings him some desserts, and in Season 3, her made-up tale indicates that Pororo will marry her but Pororo denies because he wants to marry Petty.


In Season 1, she was naked, being a pink beaver, and in Season 2, she wears a simple hair clip. She wears a pink sailor dress and a flower barrette on the head in Season 3-Present.