Lopunny is a Normal-Type Pokémon from Generation IV of Pokémon. It evolves from Buneary with high friendship. When a Lopunny is Mega Evolved, it becomes a Normal/Fighting type Pokémon.


Lopunny is a bipedal rabbit-like pokémon with dark brown fur and a, short round tail. It has pink eyes with black markings on the inner edge, long tufts of cream colored fur above its eyes, and a small pink nose. Its long ears, which bend shortly above its head, end in fluffy, cream colored fur. Its wrists and legs are covered in cream colored fur.

The fur on Mega Lopunny's neck upper torso, fingers, and legs blackens, forming a pattern that resembling ripped pantyhose. The tufts of fur above its eyes combined to what appears to be a butterfly-shaped crest. The cream fur on its wrists and ankles become more round instead of fluffy, though the rest of its leg fur is replaced by the "pantyhose"


Lopunny are timid pokémon, that will cover its body with it's long ears or spring away when it senses danger. It takes pride in its ears and never fails to groom them, in fact if the ears are roughly handled, it will retaliate by kicking.

Mega Lopunny's personality takes an extreme turn, it becomes highly aggressive with wild fighting instincts,

Powers and Abilities

While pacifistic and tends to escape dangerous situations, Lopunny will fight if it has to (i.e. kicking). By covering its ears allows it to cloak itself, in an attempt to remain undetected.

With a full power strike, Mega Lopunny ears can crumple steel plates. The ability (Scrappy) allows its Normal/Fighting-type moves to hit Ghost-type pokemon.


  • Lopunny is the only known pokemon to learn Return by leveling up
    • It's pre-evolution learns Frustration at the same level, and is the only one able to learn it by leveling up.
  • The first part of Lopunny's name reference the fact that its ears flops rather than stand erect.
  • Its appearance seems to be based off of a Playboy Bunny, and other bunny girls seen in popular culture.
    • It's girly figure are based off of fashion models, who are known to wear fur or faux fur-cuffed gloves and boots.
  • Lopunny is the 428th Pokémon in the National Dex.


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