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Lord Milori is a major character in the Disney Fairies franchise; expecial in Secret of the Wings. He is the ruler of Winder Wood and always maintains respectable order, also tries to avoid crossing the border, until Tinker Bell and Periwinkle did not end this rule.


Milori initially appears as a stern and determined ruler but maintaining order in Winder Wood is usually achieved especially if some cold fairy crosses the winter (until the end of the film).

He feels a great love for Queen Clarion, in fact the two have had a love affair in the past that stopped after Milori's wing broke, but in the end they are together again.



Milori met Clarion one day and they fall in love, for weeks, every day at every sunset they met at the border to see each other. One day Milori and Clairon decided that one of them would cross the border, and Milori did, but soon afterwards his wing broke (which there is no remedy), and from then on there was the law that no fairy of the heat would go to the Winder Woods and vice versa with the fairies of winter.

Secret of the Wings

When the Snow Owls return to Winder Wood with baskets from the heat fairies, a newbie accidentally dropped a basket of Pixie Hollow snowflakes with Tink in it (although no one notices her), Milori arrives. with her owl to check what just happened and Sled explains everything. After Tink accidentally finishes the Wingology book, Lord Milori finds it and orders Sled to take it to Dewey, the winter keeper.

Later Milori begins to (properly) get hold of the matter of the law of the fairies of cold and heat can't cross the border, and visits Dewey who in the meantime hides Tink and Peri, to talk to him about it, and orders him that if a heat fairy ever crosses the border he'll bring her back.

The next day Milori's owl secretly watches Peri as he crosses the border and immediately flies to warn his master. After Peri is back just in time in Winder Wood weak and with ruined wings, Milori arrives and heals her. Later when Tink tells him that they are sisters born of the same laugh, Milori is touched by it, but still says it is one more reason why they should stay away and she also says Queen Clarion that she learned about the happened.

When everyone leaves Milori and Clairon stand briefly looking at each other sorry for the girls, after Clairon leaves Milori and her owl decide to destroy the machine that Tink, Bobble and Clank had built for Peri by throwing it in the canal but they don't notice. that gets stuck and is starting to cause trouble. Milori later goes to Peri in Dewey's library and explains to her why that rule was created, but not by telling her that he and Clairon were the two in love with her.

When the frost has almost covered the entire Pixie Hollow, Milori sets out with an army of Winter Fairies to frost the Tree Dust to help everyone and protect it from a freezing death. Milori sees Clairon procupata, and reassures her of her and gives her her cloak. After the Tree Dust has been saved and so also the entire Pixie Hollow and Tink repairs her broken wing (broken earlier), Caliron and Milori abolish the rule and finally give each other a kiss of love again. Milori can be seen in the finale with Clairon next to him happy for Tink.

The Pirate Fairy

Lord Milori makes a brief appearance in this film. He is seen next to Queen Clairon enjoying the spectacle of Tink and his friends, and one of the victims that Zarina puts to sleep.

He is also seen at the end and is awakened by Tink and Zarina and is back at the Colosseum watching next to Clairon the final spattecolo.


  • Like Clarion, Milori is the most haughty elf of Winder Woods like Clairon of the places of the heat.
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