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The Lords of Illumination are a species in WOY Universe.


The Lords of Illumination are tall humanoids with thin, purple bodies. They have white pupils and black sclera with what seems to be replicas of constellations in them. They have no hair, and have long three-fingered hands.

When they move afterimages of their bodies appear, although they can move without the need of afterimages.

They wear a long robe that constantly changes colors from red, to blue, to green and so on. The robe has a crystal in the chest area.

Judging by their title, the lords are pure heart beings who watch over the care of living things in cosmos. They seems optimists and are very honorable.


They appear first in "The Box", the Lord of Illumination's leader initially gave the box to Wander and Sylvia as a test of unknown nature, which they passed. However Wander, wanting to know what was inside the box, counted various things as Sylvia realized the truth and demanded that the Lord of Illumination put something in the box. He initially declined, but when Sylvia angrily showed him she was serious and he, along with the other Lords of Illumination, put a few items in the box. With Wander now back to normal he and Sylvia left, while the Lord of Illumination tried to give a lesson on how he learned from Wander and Sylvia before being shut up by Sylvia.

The Lords of Illumination makes their second appearance in "The Gift", when their leader was given a present by Wander and Sylvia.



  • Their appearance is based on the generic "Gray aliens" but with robes.
  • One of them is a grandpa, much to the surprise of his peers.