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Lori Jiménez is a young teenage-girl in Transformers: Cybertron TV Show, her Mini-Con partner is Six-Speed. She is also Coby Hansen's love interest. She gets mad easily, but she is sometimes a good hearted girl. She is so cute, tactful, brave and always ready to help. She, Coby and Bud help the Autobots save Cybertron, Earth, Speed Planet, Jungle Planet, Giant Planet and the all universe in terror of black hole. She keeps Override the big sister, but former Decepticon Scourge keeps her little sister too after their first meeting. Later the Autobots and former Decepticons win the Galvatron, destroy the black hole and save the universe, and then Cybertron born again the giants, the beasts, the humans and fast machines through. Final episode she became Coby Hansen's girlfriend and in the last final text she and Coby were married, they really love each other.