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Lou Dorchen is one of the three main protagonists in 2010 film Hot Tub Time Machine. Lou is portrayed by Rob Corddry who played Gary Supernova in Escape from Planet Earth


Original Timeline

Lou went to Kodiak Valley for Winterfest '86 with his best friends Adam Yates and Nick Webber. Once there, Lou was punched by the ski patrol bully, Blaine, who challenged Lou to fight and told him to bring his friends with him. Unfortunately, Nick and Adam didn't come, forcing fight Blaine and his gang alone, which he was beaten 6 to 1. Over the years Lou, along with Adam and Nick, had a miserable life, he had become an alcoholic and divorced, his family wanted nothing to do with him and Adam and Nick started to avoid him. When Lou tired to commit suicide, although he denied it at first, his friends planned a trip to Kodiak Valley to help him. Lou is thrilled about visiting the town at first, however, when he sees Adam's nerdy video game addicted nephew, Jacob, he is joining on the trip, much to his dismay as he hated Jacob. Along the way to Kodiak Valley Lou shows them a Russian energy drink called "Chernobly", which is illegal. However, upon arriving at Kodiak Valley, they all that the town has is not the same and has fallen on hard times, and Ski resort has as well. They brought to the hotel room where, Lou, Nick, and Adam, spend their weekends at when they were young, with a bellhop embittered at the lost of his arm named Phil. At night tries to liven up the mood, but to no avail. Then Nick and the others discover the hot tub outside their suite. They spend the rest of the night doing some heavy drinking.

New Timeline

When they wake up in the hot tub the next morning, after Lou throws up on a squirrel, they go skiing do the mountain recklessly. When they made down to the bottom of the mountain where confronted by Blaine and his best friend Chaz, and they are scolded for the trouble they caused on the mountain. Lou sees Blaine recognizes him.


  • Lou's hatred toward Jacob at the beginning of the movie is ironic, when it revealed at the end of the movie he is Jacob's father.
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