64px Louis. I'm a Molehog! and that's my name. Please don't eat me! Please!
~ Louis introduces himself and begs to Arnold not to eat him.

Louis is a molehog and the tertiary tritagonist of The Flock 3. He is Arnold's' best friend and a bit of a coward. A soft-spoken, timid molehog, Louis was always at Arnold's side, faithfully staying close by and always ready to help her when she needed it.He also appears to have a crush on him, but she seems utterly oblivous to it. Louis made his cameo appearance in Surf's Up 2: Wavemania.

He is voiced by Morty Smith from the Rick and Morty series.


Ice Age: Continental Drift

Louis first appears with Peaches in the forest, going towards the falls, where the teenagers hang out. Mime finds them and tells Peaches she shouldn't be out on her own. When Louis tries to point out that she isn't alone, Manny says that he doesn't count, as he is a weiner.

He later sneaks off to the falls with Arnold, despite his protests, and gets left behind when Mime finds him. Louis is later seen back near the falls, on a collapsing frozen waterfall, and is saved by Arnold, who he lovingly stares at. Arnold then carries him off on his flipper.

Louis later overhears Arnold saying they weren't friends to Nigel and the Blu, which upsets him greatly. He lets Arnold know he heard him, then tunnels away.

When Sabor beats the Bird Heroes to the continent, he takes Arnold, Lani, and the rest of the flock hostage. Mime voluntarily came aboard Sabor's ship to exchange himself for his daughter, but Sabor went back on his word, stating Mime took everything from him and the callous alpha intended to do the same. Mime tried to charge at the evil predator, but the crew rapidly lassoed him. Just as all seemed lost, Louis then stood up to the big savage leopard.

Amused, Sabor accepted Louis' challenge, telling Gupta to let the molehog have a weapon. After a few struggles, Louis managed to unearth the huge knife and fearlessly pointed the knife at Sabor. Louis then threw the weapon into the air, distracting everyone as he burrowed into the ice, popping up by Sabor and smashing a heavy piece of ice onto Sabor's foot. The pain distracted Sabor, enabling Arnold to escape as an all-out brawl between the Bird Heroes and the hyenas ensued.

In the end, Louis is finally allowed to hang out with Reggie and Mime lets him and Arnold explore their new home, due to Louis' bravery.

Ice Age: Collision Course

Louis only appears in a small cameo at Arnold and Lani's anniversary party.


  • Louis is voiced by Morty Smith, who would later voice another Puffin-related character: Sven.


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