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Lovey is a supporting character from Blue Sky's Spies in Disguise and she id the best friend and roommate of Walter Beckett.


Lovey is an average sized female pigeon with wide amber brown eyes. Her head and chest are white and are separated by a vaguely heart shaped collar of brown feathers. The brown feathers of her neck can be fluffed out to make Lovey look bigger or more attractive. Her wings and tail feathers are also brown.


Much like her name would suggest, Lovey is an affectionate and trusting pigeon who often nuzzles people and birds she’s grown attached to. Her behavior borders on flirtatious with Lance Sterling. Lovey is also immensely loyal and helps her friends and flockmates in anyway she can. Her loyalty leads her to be protective of her loved ones, so she can be fairly aggressive at times.


Spies in Disguise

Before the events of the movie, Lovey was Walter's emotional support animal and pet. Walter used Lovey to research pigeons in his biodynamic concealment project. During this time Lovey became very loyal to Walter as he spoiled her with food. Lovey is first introduced into the movie when Lance bursts into Walter's house demanding a disguise. After he is turned, Lovey immediately takes a liking to him. When Walter and Lance journey to Mexico, Lovey forms a flock with Jeff and Crazy Eyes. The flock follows Lance and Walter to Venice where they assist Lance in distracting the M-9 Assassin and safeguarding the database of Lance’s agency. At Killian‘s headquarters, Lovey and the Flock assist in fighting the Assassins on the island. Later they help Lance rescue Walter from falling to his death.




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