Lt. Falcon's real name is Vincent Falcone, and his rank is that of 1st Lieutenant O-2. Falcon was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

As a Green Beret, his primary function is special operations. His father was also a Green Beret, who served with the 10th SFGA (Special Forces Group Airborne), making Falcon a second generation Green Beret. Falcon briefly served with the 5th SFGA's "Blue Light" counter-terrorist unit as an "A" Team executive officer. He has been cross-trained in demolitions, and is fluent in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Swahili. Falcon is also an expert with most NATO and Warsaw pact small arms.

Falcon has an overwhelming friendliness, and can usually sway even the strongest isolationist into joining the fight. This excessive personality often leads to friction with his commanding officers. He is sometimes referred to as the younger half brother of Duke, which has more than once resulted in heated disputes. The hostility between the two has only increased, given that Duke has often used his influence to bail Falcon out of trouble. But Falcon has redeemed himself, and his specialized training has led to him heading up the G.I. Joe Night Force.

G.I. Joe: The Movie

In animation, Lt. Falcon first appears in G.I. Joe the Movie, voiced by Don Johnson. He is depicted as a new hotshot Joe in training. He is cocky and irresponsible, and is revealed to be the half-brother of G.I. Joe's second-in-command Duke. His attempts to become romantically involved with fellow "Rawhide" Jinx, which distracts him from his duties, and allows Cobra forces to compromise G.I. Joe security and rescue Serpentor. After being sent to the "Slaughterhouse" where he is put under the punishing supervision of drill instructor Sgt. Slaughter and his "Renegades," Lt. Falcon leads the final assault on Cobra, and is instrumental in defeating them.

Lt. Falcon was originally meant to replace Duke's leadership role in the cartoon after Duke was killed protecting him from Serpentor, but that was idea was scrapped due to the uproar of Optimus Prime's death in The Transformers the Movie. Consequently, the two characters were identified in the movie as siblings. In earlier drafts, Lt. Falcon was penned as the son of General Hawk.


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