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Lt. Tomoro is police lieutenant from the Hawaii Police Department. He went undercover and disguised himself as an old man to search the ancient village of the lost tribe to solve the chase of Mano Tiki Tia. When the Mystery Inc. kids showed up to solve the mystery Tomoro in his old man disguise tried to scare them away to keep the kids safe but them showing up the chase was wrapped up quickly. To show his appreciation he took care of their last vacation by paying for everything and having a Luau.


Lt. Tomoro is a well-built Caucasian man, with black hair, wears a long purple robe while undercover, while celebrating he wears a flower necklace and trunks with flowers on.


Lt. Tomoro takes his job as the police officer seriously as he tries to solve the case in Hawaii. After the Myster Inc. solved the case and caught the crooks he had been trying to capture for months, he was generous and repaid them for taking time out of their vacation.


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