Luann Corbin was a secondary hero in the television series In the Heat of the Night.

Corbin was the second African-American female officer recruited to join the Sparta, Mississippi police department after the Christine Rankin - the first such officer - died in the line of duty on her first day on the job. Chief Bill Gillespie was authorized by the city council to hire a new officer, and decided on Corbin despite concerns about hiring another female African American officer. Sending Virgil Tibbs to bring her to Sparta Gillespie told the city council he wanted another girl, and got one before introducing Corbin to the council. He informed the council that Corbin would be with the PD for many years to come.

Corbin quickly became a valued member of the Sparta police department, making friends with the other officers in the department. She especially looked up to Chief Gillespie and was greatly distressed when his contract was terminated by the city council in 1994. Corbin was the first officer to meet Hampton Forbes when he came in to town, having pulled him over. She gave him directions to a good hotel in town.

Corbin continued to serve with distinction in the Sparta PD as Forbes took over the department.


  • Luann Corbin was played by the actress and singer Crystal R. Fox. Fox was able to demonstrate her singing voice several times during her time on In the Heat of the Night.
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