Lucas Flannery is a human and mirror character from the Age of Extinction portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

He is portrayed by T.J. Miller, who also played Fred in Big Hero 6 and Tuffnut Thorston in the How to Train Your Dragon movies.


Lucas met up with Cade at an old theater in Paris, Texas to purchase salvage; that they would be buying it with Lucas's own money came as a surprise to him. While in the theater, Lucas discussed the memories he had of the place with Cade before being knocked over by a football.

After Cade bought, among other items, a rusty old truck, Lucas helped him bring it back to the Yeager farm and complained when Tessa revealed that Yeager Advanced Robotics probably wasn't in a situation to pay him back any time soon. As the argument between Tessa and Cade moved into the barn robotics workshop, Lucas watched on as a "Butler-Bot" struggled to bring him a can of beer.

Lucas returned the next day to find that Cade hadn't left the barn all night. He was suitably shocked when the old truck revealed itself as a Transformer, and attempted to convince Cade to call the government hotline for a supposed $25,000 reward. Instead, he was enlisted to fetch a shopping list of repair equipment for Cade to fix their guest, Optimus Prime.

Against Cade's wishes, Lucas called the hotline anyway, unwittingly scrambling the Cemetery Wind taskforce to the farm. Lucas attempted to flee the CIA agents as their leader, James Savoy, threatened Tessa in an attempt to force Prime's location from Cade.

After Optimus revealed himself to Cemetery Wind, the timely arrival of Shane Dyson in his rally car allowed Lucas and the Yeagers to make their escape. They were pursued by a fleet of CIA vehicles through a cornfield and then an abandoned warehouse, before ditching the car to get aboard Optimus Prime. However, Lucas' foot became stuck under the seat and he fell behind the others. He managed to get free, but when Lockdown, a Cybertronian bounty hunter pursuing Optimus, threw a grenade, Lucas was caught in its blast radius and immediately reduced to a scorched, petrified corpse in mid-stride.

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