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Hero Overview

Everything I said about you being a traitor and stuff, I was wrong. I'm sorry.
~ Lucas to Eleven, apologizing for his earlier judgment.
We have a lot of rules in our Party, but the most important is, 'Friends don't lie.' Never ever. No matter what.
~ Lucas to Max Mayfield.

Lucas Sinclair is one of the main protagonists in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

He is the older brother to Erica Sinclair, the best friend of Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Eleven, and the boyfriend of Max Mayfield. Lucas and his friends would try to find Will after his disappearance, and uncovered a conspiracy of Dr. Martin Brenner's experiments with communicating with the Upside Down. Despite Will's return, the group had to save him from the a malevolent entity known as the Mind Flayer, who had tied Byers to its hive mind. Sinclair and the group started the mature during the summer of 1985, but the Party had stop the Flayer once again when it started using the Flayed to return to their world.

He is portrayed by Caleb McLaughlin.



Lucas was born in 1971 as the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, living with them in Hawkins, Indiana, and became the older brother to Erica Sinclair when she was born in 1975. He was best friends with Mike Wheeler and Will Byers from a young age. In the fourth grade, Dustin Henderson arrived at their school and joined their friend group. They would often gather at Mike's house to play Dungeons & Dragons. The four boys had a great relationship with their science teacher Mr. Clarke, and they were members in the AV Club where they won every year except for 1982.

Season One

After playing Dungeons & Dragons at the Wheeler's residence, Lucas, Will and Dustin traveled to their respected homes, but later the next day that Will had disappeared. After school Lucas, Mike and Dustin rode their bicycles to find Will and encountered Eleven, whom they decided to bring her to Mike's home. Eleven would reveal her telekinetic powers when she refused to allow Lucas to leave Mike's basement, and flipped their Dungeons & Dragons board with only Will and the Demogorgon's piece being placed. While having Eleven search for Will, she brought them to the Byer's residence, much to their confusion. The group then followed police cars and witnessed Will's "corpse" be found, and became angered at Eleven since they believed she was lying to them.

Eleven showed them their radio where Will was singing, and the group decided to bring her to school to use the Heathkit since it was much more stronger than a radio. Using the kit, they overheard Will speaking to his mother, but the device caught fire before they finish hearing the conversation. Returning to Mike's basement, they theorized that Will was trapped in another dimension, which Eleven called the Upside Down. After attending Will's funeral, the group used a compass that didn't point north as a result of the electromagnetic pulsion from the Upside Down. Trying to reach the gate, they were tricked by Eleven, who didn't want to put her new friends in danger from the Upside Down's creatures. Lucas became angered and fought Mike, but was pushed off by Eleven, resulting in him getting injured and Wheeler getting angry at her.

Lucas decided to continue using the compass to find the gate as Mike and Dustin went to search for Eleven, who had vanished after becoming upset. Finding the Hawkins laboratory, Lucas radioed Mike and Dustin that bad men were coming, and reunited with the two and Eleven. After evading the men, Lucas reconciled with Eleven for disbelieving her, and the group decided to hide in an abandoned bus to evade the men searching for them. The group were then found by Jim Hopper and brought to Joyce and Jonathan Byers, and aided them in breaking into the school to create a tank for Eleven to communicate with Will. While Hopper and Joyce traveled to the Hawkins laboratory, the kids were captured by Martin Brenner's men before Eleven used her powers to kill several of them. The monster arrived through the blood from the dead men and attempted to attack the group, but Lucas was able to fend it off with a slingshot.

Eleven used her powers to stop the monster but vanished as a result, and Lucas, Mike and Dustin attempted to find her to no avail. After the incident, the kids reunited with Will and played Dungeons & Dragons with him during Christmas.

Season Two

The kids would return to normalcy despite Will being isolated from Hawkins Middle School, as the students hadn't accepted him back due to the bizarre circumstances of his return. Lucas and Dustin became interested in their new classmate Max Mayfield, whom they discovered was "MADMAX", the person who had beaten their high scores at the arcade. On Halloween, Lucas and Dustin asked Max to join them for trick-or-treating, and the two later survived being nearly hit off the road by her stepbrother Billy Hargrove. That night, Max joined them in trick-or-treating while wearing a Michael Myers costume, and she asked Lucas about Will after seeing him have an episode. The next day, Lucas told her a false story about Will's disappearance, but she didn't believe it but agreed to not ask Will due to the sensitivity of his situation.

Dustin asked his friends to meet him after class, and showed them a slimy creature that he named "D'Artagnan", or "Dart" for short. Lucas then propose they showed it to Mr. Clarke, but he and Dustin were stopped by Mike and Will, who revealed that Byers had seen the creature since he vomited a slug during Christmas. Mike then deduced that Will had the "true sight" as he could see into the Upside Down, but Wheeler's alteration with the creature allowed it to escape. While searching for Dart with Max, they were informed by Will that he had found it in the bathroom, but they only found Dustin there. Deciding to stop looking for Dart to search for Will, the group discovered him on the field having another episode. He was awaken by his mother Joyce, and Lucas noted that Will's episodes were starting to get worse.

The next day, Lucas, Mike and Dustin continued to search for Dart, and Wheeler revealed that Will saw a shadowy creature in the Upside Down on Halloween night. The trio then decided to find the creature since it could be vital in helping Will, and Sinclair decided to recruit Mayfield in the search. He was brushed off by her, however, and she explained that she was annoyed that she wasn't involved with the Party since they were keeping secrets from her. Lucas would speak with his father on the situation, and realized that he and his friends were wrong in keeping secrets from Max. He spoke with her at the arcade with Keith's assistance, and admitted the truth about what happened to the Party last year. However, she didn't believe but came to see that he was telling the truth, but had to leave with her stepbrother.

Lucas and Max later traveled to the junkyard with Dustin and Steve Harrington to lure in Dart, but discovered that the creature had made it there with several demodogs. The group followed the creatures to Hawkins laboratory where they met Jonathan, Nancy, Hopper, Joyce, Will and Mike and escaped. Going to the Byers' residence, the group deduced they could stop the Mind Flayer via heat, and decided to makeshift the shed to make it unrecognizable for the Flayer to find them. Despite being controlled by the Mind Flayer, Will was able to use morse code to tell them that they needed to close the gate. Eleven soon arrived and reunited with Lucas and Mike, and the group created a plan to burn the tunnels, free Will from the Mind Flayer, as Hopper and Eleven closed the gate. After stopping the Mind Flayer, Lucas attended the snow ball with Max, and the two began dating after sharing a kiss.

Season Three

In the summer of 1985, Lucas and his friends traveled to the Starcourt mall and watched a film, but later threw a return party for Dustin. During the summer, Lucas and the group discovered that the Mind Flayer had somehow returned to their world and was using Billy as a host. In addition, the group learned from Jonathan and Nancy that Doris Driscoll showed similar behavior to Will, thus realizing that the Mind Flayer had taken many hosts by using Hargrove to capture and turn them. Lucas assisted his friends in stopping the Mind Flayer at the Starcourt mall, at the cost of Hopper sacrificing himself to destroy the machine. After the incident, Lucas said his farewells to Will and Eleven, as they decided to move to California.


Out of the members of the Party, Lucas is considered the most grounded, as he took every situation the group found themselves in seriously, sometimes to a problematic degree. He was also the most distrustful of Eleven due to her abilities, but came to accept her and even apologized for his previous behavior when reuniting. Despite this, he is also the most childish, as Jonathan called him out on for repeatedly accusing Dustin of flatulence, and Mike called him out on it for being equally repetitive in claiming he would be making love to Eleven 24/7 if he had his way.


  • Slingshot Proficiency: Lucas is shown to have skilled accuracy when using his Wrist-Rocket against treats and danger situations. When a Demogorgon came after him and his friends, Lucas tried using the slingshot against the Demogorgon, but it had no effect against the monster with three rocks being shot at it. After trapping Flayed Billy in the Sauna room, he quickly pulled out his slingshot and managed to hit him on the right side of the face point blank knocking him briefly unconscious to save his girlfriend, Max. He then shot at a Balloon to keep the Mind Flayer from finding and killing his friends which saved them from their doom.
  • Axe Proficiency: He is able to wield an axe with great proficiency in brute power and destructive features to kill strong enemies, as he performed feats such as stopping large incoming objects to break through. He grabbed the Axe Jonathan had to then use it to cut off the edge of the Mind Flayer’s tongue saving Eleven in the process.
  • Combatant: Lucas isn’t so proficient in fighting but he could hold against opponents with his own bare hands, he wrestled with Mike before Eleven broke it up and kicked Billy in the gut after being pinned by him.
  • Intelligence/Tactician: As being the Ranger in the group, Lucas knows many ways of seeking enemy territories and obtaining knowledge to strategize to his friends of how to avoid the outcomes that treats could persuade them with. He followed his compass to Hawkins lab, climbed up a tree to use his binoculars to view company trucks and finds out that those who seemed like natural people around their neighborhood were government spies stalking them to get after Jane/Eleven but he warned Mike and Dustin to get on their bikes and escaped before they caught them. Then when he asked for advice from his father about how to calm a girl down, he choose to tell Max the truth about everything of the Upside Down, demogorgans, and the government spies in secret knowing that they wouldn’t allow them to live if they heard him spill it to which Max nearly did but managed to get away with it allowing both of them survival. Once Lucas and the others broke into the grocery store to help stitch up Eleven’s leg, Max ordered him to look for a bowl but instead found fireworks and Max doubted it and said that Eleven was the best solution to put a stop to the Mind Flayer, but Lucas himself pointed out that she would need backup in the case of her condition. When the Mind Flayer stop chasing the others in the car, it turned around to go after Eleven and attempted to have her killed until Lucas gathered all the explosives for him and the group to fire at the monster managing to weaken it along with saving her.


  • In the original pilot script, Lucas' surname was Conley.
    • The script also had his parents be wealthy but not in a good relationship, but this was mostly shifted to the Wheeler family.
  • Gaten Matarazzo was originally considered for the role of Lucas before assuming the role of Dustin Henderson instead.


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