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Wield the light, endure the pain, and cleanse all shadow from this world.
~ Lucian

Lucian, also known as The Purifier, is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online arena game League of Legends.

The son of a Sentinel of Light named Urias, Lucian dreamed of being a Sentinel like his father, but after hearing about Urias' death from his apprentice Senna he joined her and the two became lovers. When the cruel wraith Thresh killed Senna and imprisoned her soul, Lucian spent years hunting Thresh down to free Senna's soul from his torture. He eventually freed her, but she chose to remain on Runeterra, and the two now fight to rebuild the Sentinels and fight the source of the Black Mist itself, the Ruined King.

The 113th champion added the game, Lucian was released on June 22, 2013. He is commonly played in the bottom lane.

He was originally voiced by Patrick Seitz and is currently voiced by TJ Storm. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Rikiya Koyama.


Lucian was born in Demacia as the son of Urias, a Sentinel of Light, who went across Runeterra fighting against the Black Mist to save people across the world. Urias told Lucian of his adventures, causing Lucian to idolize his father and hoping to fight alongside him. As he grew up, he struggled with the values of Demacia, with their practice of exiling peaceful mages, making him wish that he could help. But sadly, his dream was shattered when Urias' apprentice, Senna, came to Lucian's house to announce that his father was dead.

Lucian was shocked that Senna had lived the life that he'd wanted for so long before the chance was taken away for good. As she began to leave, he wished to go with her to the vigil for lost Sentinels, which she reluctantly accepted. As they went, they were attacked by the Black Mist. Senna prepared to fire her weapon, but Urias' pistol was being snatched by the mist, so Lucian grabbed his father's pistol and fired it. Since the weapons could only be fired with the will of a worthy user, Senna realized that Lucian had the potential to be a Sentinel. As they fought against the Black Mist, Lucian and Senna fell in love. But over time, Lucian noticed that the mist was always drawn to Senna, so he was desperate to free her from her curse.

On the Shadow Isles, Lucian and Senna met the wraith Thresh, who proved to be a dangerous foe. Lucian was passionate to fight against Thresh, but Senna wanted him to retreat. Thresh aimed an attack at Lucian, but Senna threw herself in front of him. Senna had gotten killed, and her soul was absorbed into Thresh's lantern. Since that day, Lucian's idealism and warmth faded as he became relentless and merciless, dual-wielding the pistols of Urias and Senna. He spent years returning to the Shadow Isles to fight Thresh, all so he can give Senna's soul peace in the afterlife. Eventually, he confronted Thresh one last time. The Chain Warden entangled him by the neck as he dangled his lantern at Lucian to taunt him. Lucian grabbed his gun's magazine and broke himself free. He shot the lantern, breaking it and freeing all the souls imprisoned within.

But unbeknownst to him, Senna had developed the power to communicate with the souls trapped in the Black Mist and eventually control the Mist to her own will. She reemerged as a benevolent spirit, reuniting with Lucian for the first time in years. While he has Senna back, Lucian still confronts his bitter realization that the evil forces he fights are all that keep Senna with him, and he is still certain that Thresh's plans have only just begun.





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