Lucille smiling warmly as she helps Francoeur

He is not a monster!
~ Lucille defending Francoeur

Lucille is the heroine from A Monster in Paris.


Lucille is a beautiful and strong-willed Parisian singer who is married off to the conceited Commissioner Maynott by her aunt Carlotta, who has raised her since her parents passed away. She is looking for a musician for her show and one night discovers a giant flea. At first Lucille is scared of him, but then, hearing his singing, she discovers how lonely he is and takes him into her home. Lucille names the giant creature Francoeur and disguises him so the police won't discover him, unaware that the flea has grown because of magic fertilizer. She is willing to give up her freedom to save Francoeur and in a show unexpectedly reveals his identity. In a battle on the Eiffel Tower, Lucille stands up to protect her friends, but Francoeur is shrunk back down to size from the snow. Maynott, who tries to kill Francoeur, is arrested for treason. Lucille is distraught after the "death" of Francoeur, but on stage, the flea is perched on her earring, and Raoul and Emile bring him back to human size via a new concoction. Lucille is also revealed to be Raoul's childhood friend.


He's pompous. He boring. He's not my type!
~ Lucille making it clear to Aunt Carlotta she doesn't want to marry Victor
~ Lucille as she dresses Francoeur
The newspaper were right. There IS a monster in Paris, and I'm looking right at him!
~ Lucille standing up to Victor





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