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Luck Voltia is a supporting protagonist in Black Clover.

He was voiced by Ayumu Murase in the Japanese version, and by Justin Briner in the English dubbed version.


Luck was born a commoner with his mother. She often abused him due to his constant smiling. However, on the day he defeated a noble, his mother hugged him and praised him for the first time in his life. This, along with her death, lead to an unhealthy obsession with fighting.


Luck is a sociopath who enjoys fighting strong guys. He even gets exited when he sees people who are strong. He is also annoys members of his squad to get them to fight him. However, after meeting Asta, he begins to be more friendly with others.


Luck's Magic affinity is Lightning.

  • Thunderclap Crumbling Orb: Fires a ball of Lighting.
  • Thunder God's Boots: Creates boots made of Lighting, allowing him to fly.
  • Thunder God's Gloves: Creates gloves made of Lighting.
  • Thunder Fiend: Moves at high-speeds around the opponent, ricocheting like a bullet.
  • Kearunos: Charges towards the opponent like a spear of lighting, piercing the target.


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