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Lucky Curl is a one-time Junior Danger Ranger in the Danger Rangers special "Mission 547: Safety Rules." He is a preteen piglet. Aside from a mother and father, he has an infant sister named Bitzi (or is it "Bitsy"?).

When Rangers Sully and Kitty arrive on the hovership at Lucky's house to take care of all hidden dangers, Lucky reveals knowledge of the slogan: Safety Rules. So Sully puts a SAVO watch on his wrist, and it beeps, revealing hidden dangers. To start off, it is near Bitzi, convincing Lucky he was right about the baby being dangerous, but Kitty reveals that she wasn't the danger; it was a squeaky blueberry-shaped-and-sized ball. SAVO warns Lucky to beware of anything small enough to fit into a baby's mouth. Then the watch reveals a hot stove, and also explains that aside from a hot stove, curling irons, hair dryers, and coffee filters can be just as dangerous, as they look the same whether or not they are hot. Speaking of, he reveals knowledge about matches being dangerous, and he and Sully rap in rhyme to Kitty's dismay, causing her to reveal a fire-safety video to stop them. He and his family also learn to keep their paths clear and to stay away from guns, prompting his father to lock the closet and that only he and mom keep the keys. The watch beeps differently, meaning it is now safe. Then Sully and Kitty teach him about 9-1-1 (partially as a musical number).

Lucky and his family are never seen or heard from again.

However, Lucky and his dad make a cameo appearance at the beginning of "Wild Wheels," as Lucky's dad is holding him while he is looking through stationary binoculars at the Statue of Liberty, only to notice Rusty Ringtail and his gang skating and recklessly riding their way past them.

Lucky is voiced by Jason Marsden.

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