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Hello, I'm Lucy. I live at 64 Zoo Lane. And I have some very special neighbors. Look!
~ Lucy's first lines in the opening.

Lucy is a little girl from 64 Zoo Lane. She is 7 years old and lives in the house at the zoo. She was voiced by Ciara Janson with an American accent in the American English version by Lobster Films.

Physical Appearance

Lucy has fair skin and blonde hair. She has black eyes with a red lips/mouth and rosy cheeks. She wears blue pajamas and is barefooted.


Lucy is very curious and is always excited. She currently lives in Zoo Lane in the house at the zoo. She is sometimes a bit emotional but has many emotions about what she did during the past daytime.

Lucy has animal nature, which means she is very nice to many animals and some storytellers by greeting them.


She lives with her mother in 64 Zoo Lane. In the nighttime, Georgina allows Lucy to come down to talk to the animals about what she did today. After the animals tell Lucy the story, she is put back to sleep.


  • Lucy is the first character to speak.
  • It is possible Lucy is named after the Australopithecus of the same name. The name "Lucy" refers to an ancient fossil found in 1974.
  • Lucy is the only human ever appeared. Her mother is unseen.
  • Lucy is the first character whose name starts with the letter "L".
  • Lucy has not spoken in the books written by An Vrombaut.
  • Lucy and Georgina the Giraffe are considered to be the mascots of 64 Zoo Lane (as seen on the posters).
  • Lucy is the only character to speak in all the episodes.
  • Lucy is very similar to both Alice from Disney's Alice in Wonderland and Karen from the 1969 Rankin/Bass special, Frosty the Snowman.