Lucy Casprell is the primary protagonist in the IDW Publishing comic series, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. She is a young lady who is fascinated by Kaiju, and joined a group called the Kaiju Watchers, who’s goal is to study an protect the Kaiju on Earth.



Lucy Casprell is first seen when she goes to Honalulu, Hawaii, so that she can attend a kaiju convention. She books into a hotel after a fairly miserable day. She’s hopes that it will go better tomorrow.

The next day, at the convention, however, Zilla appears in Thebes city. While people run from the monster, Lucy attempts to get a picture of it. However, when Zilla finds her, she is almost eaten. However, Commander Woods rescues her, and gets her safely to a car as Godzilla arrives and battles Zilla.

Joining the Kaiju Watchers

At a hospital place, where refugees from Zilla’s attack are, she is found by Professor Ando, who invites her onto the Kaiju Watchers group.

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Lucy Casprell has a fairly kind demeanor. She is nice to those who are kind to her. She talks to her fellow Kaiju Watchers and Professor Ando very kindly. She is very fascinated by the kaiju, and seems to care greatly for them.

Lucy is fairly ditzy, as shown when she nearly missed her hotel reservation, and when she attempts to get a picture of Zilla. However, she is academically smart.


  • Lucy Casprell starts out in her teens during Volumes 1-3 of the comics, and grows to a young lady in volumes 4-6, due to time passing. She gets an outfit change, and her hair is longer.


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