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Why would I want to hunt my friends?
~ Lucy L Loud
~ Lucy Loud's catchphrase

Lucy Raven Loud is one of the ten deuteragonists in The Loud House.

Personality and Appearance

Lucy is an 8-year-old Emo Gothic Lolita girl who loves poetry and all things dark and spooky and has the uncanny, unusual power to teleport (Often accompanied by a blast of pipe organ music), which frightens her siblings.

She is voiced by Jessica Diccico, who also voiced sister and roommate, Lynn Loud. Of course, the two girls have different opinions on the thing, like where to go on vacation or Princess Pony.

Lucy wears a black shirt and no pants. Her indigo hair covers her eyes, and she has pallid skin. Around her wrists and ankles are white and black stripes.

Heroic acts

  • Generally she's nice for Lincoln and doesn't bully or mock him, except when she pulls a football on Lincoln in "The Loudest Yard".
  • "Heavy Meddle" - she and the other sisters tried to help Lincoln with a bully. Later they all encouraged him to kiss a girl that tries to get his attention.
  • "Sleuth or Consequences" - She tried to help Lincoln find who's guilty of breaking a toilet to clear his name. When Lincoln took whole her blame on himself, she thanked him and tried to recompensate his grounding by giving him her home-made comic.
  • "Trick or Treachery" - She and the rest of the Loud family (Mr. Loud is the exception retaliate by jumpscaring Hank and Hawk after the bullies get their hands on innocent kids's candy.



  • It is shown that Lucy wears her black outfit because she is either a goth or emo.
  • She shares traits with Raven and Gaz.
  • She shares the same first name with Lucy Van Pelt. They even make a funny nod to this in the episode 'The Loudest Yard,' as when "Helping" Lincoln train for football, Lucy yanks the ball away right before Lincoln can kick it, similarly to Lucy Van Pelt's frequently doing this to Charlie Brown.
  • Her mirror world counterpart is named Lars, and he looks similar except his hair is shorter and he wears grey jeans that Lucy does not even have.

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