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Hero Overview

You Blockhead!
~ One of Lucy's best known qoutes.

Lucy Van Pelt is the main anti-hero of the Peanuts comic strip and franchise. Her true name could be Lucille Van Pelt. However, she is reduced to the tritagonist in Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, as her unseen Grandma is the main antagonist of the movie.


Lucy is very cynical and rude towards her classmates. She can also be conceited and vain, asking questions about herself. She especially loves picking on Charlie Brown, which involves pulling the football away before the latter kicks it. However, despite this behavior, she can be nice. The only people who see this side of her are her little brothers, Linus and Rerun. She also helps out people by using her "psychology" booth.


  • Lucy serves as the secondary antagonist turned one of the three tritagonists (the others being Sally and Fifi) of The Peanuts Movie. At first, she appears to put others down, but becomes supportive when Charlie Brown starts flying his own kite without problems.
  • In Snoopy's Grand Adventure, Lucy is the host of the Lunar Surface. There, a boss known as the Big Stompy appears, and his battle is similar to the Porky Statue: the hero has to run away from him. At the end of the course, Lucy knocks down and kills the Big Stompy.
  • She is not to be confused with Lucy Loud from The Loud House.
  • She is Dutch American.
  • Lucy has a crush on Schroeder, but it is a one-sided crush on Lucy side. Since Schroeder never showed any interest in Lucy.
  • Lucy is a minor antagonist and anti-hero of the series.
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