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Hey, kids. Daddy's home.
~ Ludlow to his Q-bert kids

Ludlow Lamonsoff is a major character of the 2015 action-comedy film, Pixels.

He is portrayed by Josh Gad who also voiced Louis from Ice Age: Continental Drift, Olaf from the 2013 film Disney's Frozen and Chuck from The Angry Birds Movie and LeFou in the 2017 live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast.


Ludlow is first seen at an arcade game world championship and has huge crush on Lady Lisa. He meets Sam Brenner and Will Cooper before Sam participates in the arcade tournament. In the present, he sees Sam again, who is in his van and shows Sam a video about the aliens. He and Sam were able to shoot down the Centipede along with the army. After Pac-Man causes havoc in New York, he joins Sam, Eddie and Pac-Man's creator to take Pac-Man down with four Mini Cooper cars with the Pac-Man ghost color scheme, but fails to catch him before Sam was able to take Pac-Man down. In the final battle, he allowed Lady Lisa to join in the battle while Sam, Will, Violet and Eddie were trapped in a spaceship and were able to take down Donkey Kong. Towards the end of the film, Q*Bert transforms into Lady Lisa and Ludlow begins to fall in love with her once again. One year later, it is revealed that Ludlow is now married to Lady Lisa and have Q*Bert children.