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"That's Mama Luigi to you Mario!"
~ Luigi's most iconic line in the animated series.
Boy, when it comes to food, Mario's got a one crack mind!
~ Luigi's comment about Mario in "Mario Meets Koopzilla".
Holy Ravioli!
~ Luigi in some episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Luigi is one of the five protagonists of the three Mario animated series. It is a plumber having for brother Mario and wishing, with his friends, to save Princes Toadstool's mushroom kingdom.

He was voiced by the late Danny Wells in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and the late Tony Rosato in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Super Mario World cartoon.

Differences from Luigi

  • Like his brother's in-show counterpart, his clothes are the opposite from the games, as he wears a green hat and green overalls and a blue shirt.
    • When in his fire outfit, his clothing is also the opposite color scheme.
  • Luigi's eyes are green instead of blue, unlike his brother and his gaming counterpart and has black hair.
  • Luigi speaks normally and in full sentences, unlike games where he only proves a few words from time to time.
  • He is shown as hating Bowser/King Koopa, frequently insulting him, while his gaming counterpart does not particularly hate him and is willing to ally himself with him whenever necessary.
  • He sometimes fights with Mario, something that would never happen in the games where brothers are extremely tight-knit.
  • While in games Luigi is afraid of [almost] anything, his Cartoon counterpart has shown to be less fearful.


  • This incarnation of Luigi is often referred to by fans as "Mama Luigi" due to him self-proclaiming himself with the nickname in the episode of the same name during the third animated series.  The scene that contains the quote (as well as the episode) have since become an internet meme.
  • He is capable of speaking pidgit, as shown in one episode.
  • In Mario Kart Tour, Classic Luigi is based on Luigi's appearance from the Mario cartoons.
  • In Super Luigi Odyssey, Luigi's Classic Suit is based on Luigi's outfit from the Mario cartoons.
  • During Luigi's transformation into a Super Luigi, Luigi's current color scheme (a green shirt and blue overalls) from the video games can be seen during the transformation.
  • Luigi is the sole character to appear in every episode of the Mario cartoons while his brother was absent in one episode, "Life's Ruff".
  • Luigi's Italian cuisine-based outbursts in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! is very similar to the Burt Ward version of Robin's Holy's from the 1966 Live-Action Batman TV series.


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