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Note: This article is about the incarnation of Luigi from the 1993 movie. The mainstream version can be found here: Luigi (Super Mario Bros.).

Luigi Mario is one of the two titular main protagonists (along with his older brother Mario Mario) of the 1993 live-action film adaptation of Super Mario Bros.

He is portrayed by John Leguizamo who provided the voice of Sid in the Ice Age films, and voiced Gune from TITAN A.E..


Luigi Mario and his older brother Mario Mario are plumbers in Brooklyn, New York who are being outrun by the mafia-operated Scapelli Construction Company led by Anthony Scapelli.

One day Luigi met and fall in love with an orphaned college student named Daisy, who is digging for dinosaur bones under the Brooklyn bridge. With a little help from his older brother, Luigi asked Daisy out for dinner, to where they went on a double date with Mario and his girlfriend Daniella. After the date, Daisy took Luigi to the bridge to dig only to witness Scapelli's men sabotaging it by leaving the water pipes open. Mario and Luigi manage to stop it but are knocked unconscious by Iggy and Spike, only for them to take Daisy. 

They wake up, as they hear her screams, which forces them to follow. As they went deeper inside the cave they find Daisy trapped in an interdimensional portal, causing Luigi to jump inside as Mario follows suit. They found themselves in a dystopian parallel world where a human-like race evolved from Dinosaurs, called Dinohattan.  

They were arrested by police officers who were sent by the other world's most evil and feared dictator, King Koopa who was descended from the T-Rex, who wanted a rock that was on Daisy's neck that Luigi took from Daisy's neck when he tried to get her out of the portal, but was taken by Big Bertha. The Mario Bros. escape Koopa when Koopa was about to use a machine to transform them into Goombas but was inturned used on him as he was slowly about to be transformed back to his dinosaur formed.

They stole a police car, where they manage to escape the police who were chasing them, and nearly fall to their deaths on a cliff, but was saved by a huge fungus. The two end up finding themselves on a desert where the next morning they were encountered by Iggy and Spike who appeared to be smarter when Koopa used the same machine to increase their intelligence, so they can be more competent on their jobs, but this caused them to be aware of the wrong they have done and decided to turn on him and join the Mario Bros.

They manage to find Daisy with the help of Toad, a guitarist was transformed into a Goomba. It is revealed that Daisy is a princess of the other dimension whom Koopa believed to merge the two worlds, and the fungus that saved the Mario Bros. was her father. When Lena tried to used the stone that Koopa wanted, after Mario tried to take it by seducing Bertha, but Lena (Koopa's girlfriend) took by the last second, Luigi and Daisy tried to stop her, but she was immediately killed once she plugged the stone in, and the two worlds begin to merge. They manage to remove the stone and causing the merge to stop. Luigi joins Mario to help him defeat Koopa by using their devolution guns to fire at him and blasted him with a Bob-omb. This caused Koopa to fully transformed into his Tyrannosaurus form before being turned into primordial slime.

Everyone began to celebrate as Koopa is now defeated and two worlds are no longer merging. Daisy's father was being transformed back into his normal form and reclaimed the thrown from Koopa. Luigi declared his love for Daisy, wanted her to come with him, but she couldn't as Daisy is the princess, and she must repair the damage that Koopa as done and wanted to spend more time with her father, which sadly forced them to go their separate ways as he and Mario returned home to Brooklyn.

Three weeks have passed by, and the Mario Bros. prepared to leave for dinner when their story from the news comes on and the anchorman stated that they should be referred to as the "Super Mario Bros." for their bravery. They get an unexpected surprised visit from Daisy, who asked for their help on a new mission, which they gladly accept. 


  • Before John Leguizamo was cast as Luigi, Tom Hanks, Steve Buscemi, Keanu Reeves, Rob Schneider, Tim Roth, Michael J. Fox and Matthew Broderick were all considered for the role of Luigi.
  • Luigi looks a lot different from his gaming counterpart and his Mario cartoons counterpart as he is depicted as a teenager and also has no mustache unlike his brother.


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