You're a pill-popping old queen, man. I'm a murdering maniac. But we survived, bro... we survived.
~ Luis Fernando Lopez

Luis Fernando Lopez is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV and the main protagonist of its title, The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is the bodyguard of eponymous character, Gay Tony. Since then, he worked with him for a lot of favors. He is a Dominican street gangster who works as a personal bodyguard for Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, a nightclub entrepreneur, giving him contacts with others who act as bodyguards at his clubs. Luis Lopez appears at three separate occasions. He is first seen at the bank that the McReary Irish Mob are pulling off, beside Eugene Reaper.

He is then seen again at the Libertonian busting a deal between Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and the Jewish Mob. He also appears in The Lost and Damned storyline when Johnny and The Lost steal some diamonds off mobster Tony 'Gay Tony' Prince, which have just been shipped into the city. Later, he is seen again with Tony Prince at the diamond/hostage exchange with the McReary Mob. He is 25 years old, making him the youngest out of the three prontagonists. During the anticipation of the first episodic pack The Lost and Damned, it was hinted that Luis would be part of the second episode due to hints including numerous, yet minor appearances in the game and as well as the "Impossible Trinity" achievement that is achieved after completing the mission "Museum Piece". It was finally confirmed on May 26, 2009 that Luis is the protagonist of the second episode of the game: The Ballad of Gay Tony.


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