Luis Santiago was a minor hero on the Babylon 5 television series.

Santiago was never actually seen in the flesh on the TV show, and was portrayed in a file photo by executive producer Douglas Netter.

In 2253 Santiago won election as President of the Earth Alliance, suceeding Elizabeth Levy. Like her he supported the Babylon project, even as the first four stations either fell victim to sabotage or disappeared. When the Minbari provided the needed financial support to finish Babylon 5, he allowed their choice of Jeffrey Sinclair as the commander of the station to go forward. He did however leave orders that if something happened to Sinclair that John Sheridan be named the next commander.

He came to Babylon 5 in 2258 to present the station with a new squadron of Star Furies and to meet with a the alien ambassadors. At a reception he invited the ambassadors to work more closely with Earth.

Also in 2258 he was challenged for the Presidency by Marie Crane. He won re-election by promising to continue to keep Earth out of the war and to reduce the budget.

Unfortunately, what Santiago did not know was that his running mate Morgan Clark hated him and wanted him dead. Working with the Shadows Clark arranged the assassination of Santiago at the end of 2258. Taking control of the Earth Alliance, Clark twisted the Earth Alliance into a dictatorship.

Following the Earth Alliance Civil War Santiago would be remembered as one of the first victims of Morgan Clark.

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