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I'm resourceful, you know? People always say that. And I am a good friend. Most of the time, I'm a good friend. Now yesterday I wasn't at my best for one second and it's like... none of that matters. Except for one thing... Petra still needs us. I let her down once. It won't happen again. We're in this together now. I'm with you guys. To the end. I'm not really used to having to invite myself along. I hope we're cool, but if we're not, that's fine too.
~ Lukas to Jesse's Gang if he left the shelter at night.
It's been a while. I really missed you guys.
~ Lukas reuniting with Jesse and Petra.
Look's like the tables have finally turned, huh Jesse? We can't let you keep doing what you're doing.
~ Lukas comfronting Jesse.
You want an instruction manual on How To Build A Creepy Villain Lair Using Everyday Objects?
~ Lukas asking Jesse about the book.

Lukas is the tritagonist in the Minecraft Story Mode series, appearing as the tritagonist in the 2015 videogame Minecraft: Story Mode and a major character in the 2017 sequel, Minecraft: Story Mode: Season Two.

He is voiced by Scott Porter, who voiced Luke from The Walking Dead: Season 2.


Lukas wears a white and purple striped T-shirt that is topped with a black leather jacket with an ocelot symbol on the back, as well as pale blue jeans. He has blue eyes and blond hair. In the promo photos for the game and the first trailer for it, he is wearing a hat and the same T-shirt inside the current design. He appeared to be a cowboy.

In his current dress he wears armor.


Lukas is caring, supportive and loyal to his friends. He was the nicest and most friendly member of the Ocelots, being the only one who didn't taunt and make fun of Jesse's Gang.

Lukas starts off as a bit of a coward, as shown when he froze in front of the Wither Storm, but later becomes quite brave, using fireworks to distract all three of the Wither Storms, while taunting them and clearly not cowering like before. He cares deeply for his friends and won't hesitate to risk his life for them, as shown in Episode 2 if Jesse falls down a pit in Soren's Lair, Lukas will jump down to make sure he/she is okay. In Episode 4, when finding out that the Ocelots might still be alive, Lukas tries to leave Jesse's group and find his old team, despite the danger.



Like many characters in the game, not much is known about Lukas's backstory, except that he was the leader of a group called The Ocelots, who have been rivals with Jesse's Gang for a while.



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