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"Luke" may be referring to two or more different heroes. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, take a wild guess.
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  • Luke (Fire Emblem) - The supporting protagonist from the Fire Emblem game series.
  • Luke (Snowtime) - The main protagonist of the 2015 Animated Movie Snowtime.
  • Luke (The Walking Dead) - The Walking Dead game character.
  • Luke (Thomas & Friends) - The deuteragonist of Thomas & Friends' special episode, Blue Mountain Mystery.
  • Luke Cage - A Marvel superhero.
  • Luke Castellan - A redeemed protagonist in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series.
  • Luke Custer - The hero of Altered Beast.
  • Luke Duke - The Dukes of Hazzard character.
  • Luke Dunphy - A protagonist from TV Series Modern Family.
  • Luke Fon Fabre - The main character in Tales of the Abyss.
  • Luke Fox - An employee of Wayne Enterprises, the son of the late Lucius Fox and an unnamed woman, a former associate of Bruce Wayne as well as the right-hand man and business partner of Kate Kane. Originally assisted Batman, Luke comes to assist Kate when she becomes Gotham's new bat vigilante, "Batwoman".
  • Luke Gianni - A painting artist in the TV series Fashion House.
  • Luke Hobbs - A major character of The Fast and the Furious franchise.
  • Luke Ross - One of Jesse's main characters.
  • Luke Smith - A main protagonist in The Sarah Jane Adventures and guest character in The Doctor Who series.
  • Luke Skywalker - The main protagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy.
  • Luke Skywalker (Angry Birds Star Wars) - An Angry Birds version of Luke Skywalker.
  • Luke Triton - The supporting character from the Professor Layton game series.
  • Luke the Warrior - A main protagonist and the chief hero of the Redwall book The Legend of Luke.
  • Luke Watson - A main protagonist of the Scream Street franchise.
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