Luke Philbert Ross is one of main characters of Jessie.

He was played by the late Cameron Boyce who also played Carlos De Vil and Jake.


He is a hysterical troublemaker who loves causing mischief at the Ross home. He loves to dance and charm the ladies in his life.

Luke is a good kid and he cares about others despite his ususal behavior. Luke is friends with Ravi even though they almost never go anywhere togehter. Mostly Luke is a slacker who likes sports, video games and TV. Luke is smelly and a total slob, people like him. Something he and Ravi have in common, mostly they have in common, they like video games, getting dates with girls who mostly rejects them and tv. 

Luke always ask out Jessie or flirts with her. Mostly Jessie turns him down because he is too young for her, but sometimes, she likes the attention Luke gives her.


  • His middle name is revealed as Philbert, named after his grandpa.
  • Luke Ross and Ravi Ross are similar to Zack and Cody Martin in the Suite Life series and Conor and Franklin in Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything.
  • Luke and Jessie's relationship is similar to Zack Martin and Maddie Fitzpatrick.
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