Lulu is a pretty rhino who loves to play with Kai-Lan, Rintoo, Tolee & Hoho. She appears in Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.


Lulu is a pretty pink rhinoceros who can fly in the sky with a balloon tied to her horn. Whenever her friends need help, Lulu stays calm, remains positive, and thinks of a solution to the problem. In "Everybody's Hat Parade", she helped Kai-Lan get her hat back after the wind blew it away. In "Twirly Whirly Flyers", she helped Kai-Lan get three twirly whirlies down from a high rock. In "The Snowiest Ride", she helped Kai-Lan and her friends cover some empty spots on a snowy hill with snow. In "Tolee's Rhyme Time", she helped her friends get all the things they need for their music show by flying up and down. She went up to get the xylophone for Rintoo, she went down to get the microphone for Tolee, and she went up to get the headphones for Hoho. In "The Ant Playground", she helped Kai-Lan and her friends get a big tire swing up to a tree branch. In "Lulu Day", she had a super fun playdate with Kai-Lan, but they both wanted to play with different things, but in the end, they compromised and found out a way to play a little bit of what they both wanted to do, and so did Rintoo and Tolee.


Lulu has pink skin, black eyes with eyelashes and an iris, one tooth, two purple horns, and a red balloon tied to the big horn that helps her to fly up in the air, and she also has a short tail.


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