Lulubelle is the love interest of Bongo in the segment of the same name to Walt Disney's 1947 film, Fun and Fancy Free.

She was voiced by Dinah Shore.


Fun and Fancy Free

Lulubelle comes upon Bongo after his failed attempt to catch a fish for breakfast. Bongo instantly falls in love with her, thinking that it's too good to be true, but their interlude is cut short by the appearance of Lumpjaw, who wants Lulubelle to himself. Lulubelle tries to assert the fact that she loves Bongo by slapping his cheeks, but Bongo mistakenly regards it as her dumping him and walks away brokenhearted with Lumpjaw having Lulubelle to himself. But when Bongo sees a couple of other bears showing their love by slapping each other, he realizes that Lulubelle really loved him after all and rushes back to save her from Lumpjaw. Near the end of the battle, after Bongo and Lumpjaw fell in the waterfall, Lulubelle cries, thinking that Bongo is dead, but he managed to survive. Bongo slaps Lulubelle for his love towards him and Lulubelle the same. The film ends on Bongo and Lulubelle climbing up a pair of trees that bend into the shape of a heart.


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