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~ Luluco in episode 08 of the anime

Luluco is the titular protagonist of the 2016 Japanese anime and manga series, Space Patrol Luluco. She is a 13-year-old middle schoolgirl who lives in one of the solar system frontier space colonization zones known as Ogikubo, together with her father who works for the Space Patrol division named Keiji. Her mother and Keiji's former wife, Lalaco Godspeed, is a captain of the league of evil space pirates as well as the minor antagonist of the series. Despite her wondrous yet odd cosmic residence filled with alien immigrants, her only wish is to have a normal life of a schoolgirl. However, when Keiji suddenly froze himself and fell into pieces, Luluco brings him to the Space Patrol department, where she became a space law enforcement officer against her own will as her assignment.

For Luluco's appearance in the anime, she is voiced by Mao Ichimichi in the original Japanese version, and Brittney Karbowski in the Funimation dub.


Luluco appears to be an early teenage girl who has reddish brown hair and cyan eyes. In her normal life, she is always identifiable by the yellow shooting star sitting in her hair and wears a typical schoolgirl uniform. She also wears her sky blue and white police attire during the Space Patrol police program.


Luluco shows herself to be an innocent, wishful, and nervous sort of person.


Despite living in the space district, Luluco would rather live the normal life as she wishes to be an ordinary schoolgirl. Once the alien contraband froze her father Keiji, she seeks help from the known members of the Space Patrol division. As a police officer, she is appointed a member by Over Justice, the division head of the Space Patrol police department in Ogikubo, to pay the fees for bringing her father back to life. So the previous normal life of Luluco faces drastic changes as she is sent on everyday operations to stop renegades and other galactic criminals from taking over Ogikubo. On these missions, she is partnered with Alpha Omega Nova, an alien exchange student, and their fairly normal mutual schoolmate named Midori Save-The-World.


Luluco can transform into a gun. As Trigger-chan, she also has the ability to fly.


  • Luluco's alter ego, Trigger-chan, is named after Studio Trigger, the studio behind the anime.



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