Lupe the Wolf is a female character from the Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon show. She is also a character who has appeared in several Sonic the Hedgehog comics. She was voiced by Shari Belafonte, daughter of musician Harry Belafonte in the TV series.


Lupe is an anthropomorphic wolf with gray and white fur and deep blue eyes. She also has thick black hair (with a white streak through it) in the shape of a mohawk. Her hair is tied in a ponytail that runs down her back. She also has a black tail with a grey tip and a scar under her left eye. For clothing, she wears a light blue bodysuit with a golden clasp around her neck, golden arm and wrist bracelets and black sandals with black straps around her legs. She is also significantly taller than the rest of the Freedom Fighters.



Lupe is the daughter of the former leader of the Freedom Fighter group known as the Wolf Pack. Like many of the citizens who live on the planet Mobius, Lupe has suffered at the hands of Dr. Robotink. When Lupe was young, Robotnik attacked her people, capturing her father and many members of the Wolf Pack and robotizied them. Lupe got her scar on her cheek under her eye from Robotnik's attack. When Lupe got older, she became the new leader of the Wolf Pack and lead her tribe to fight back against Robotnik. The Wolf Pack were one of the groups on the king's list of Freedom Fighters that Sally Acorn and the others would need to help them defeat Robotnik.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Post-Super Genesis Wave

After Eggman betrayed King Acorn and Naugus he took over Mobotroplis then decided to try to take over the rest of the world. During his world conquest Eggman attacked Lupe's village Eggman captured Lupe's father and several other members of the Wolf Pack. The young Freedom Fighters showed up to help the young Lupe Sally and the others helped Lupe and the surviving members of the Wolf Pack. Sonic tried to rescue Lupe's father but become sad that it was to late for her father but Sally remained Lupe that she could help save the rest of her clan and others who are suffering under Eggman's rule. This gave Lupe the courage to fight back and become the great leader she is now. In the comics after the Genesis Wave just like in the cartoon series the Wolf Pack are allies to the king and the Acorn Family they were recruited to help stop Eggman and take back Mobotroplis.

Lupe and her Wolf Pack live in a location known as Thunder Plains Zone that was once called the Great Unknown the Great Unknown got it's name because there was not a lot of information about it. However after the Genesis Wave the citizens of Sonic's world know more about the Great Unknown than what was known before. With more data on the Wolf Packs homeland it was given the new name Thunder Plains Zone. After saving Mobotroplis from Eggman and helping King Acorn reclaim his throne Sonic and his friends wouldn't see Lupe again until the Genesis Wave broke the planet after awakening Dark Gaia once more.


  • Unlike the cartoon version of Lupe in the comics before the Genesis Wave she had two scars on both cheeks under each eye. After the Genesis Wave Lupe only has one scar on her cheek just like in the cartoons.
  • Another difference from the cartoons and comics in the pre events of the Genesis Wave Luoe's father never was never mentioned. However the post events of the Genesis Wave her father was defeated and captured by Robotnik just like the cartoon. show.
  • In the Sonic Archie comics before the Genesis Wave Lupe and her Wolf Pack were robotizied which never happened in the SatAM cartoon show after the Genesis Wave was used by Eggman this mistake was fixed and just like in the cartoons Lupe wasn't robotizied in the Post-Super Genesis Wave events.
  • After the conflict with Ken Penders, Archie comics and Sega Lupe along with the other SatAM Sonic characters had to be changed and be given an appearance to look more like Sonic characters from the video games.





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